Why Our Kids Do Housework - Tips for Getting Kids to Pitch In

Growing up I had little responsibility. There were things that were expected of me, of course, like being polite, brushing my teeth and not talking back. But when it came to actual cleaning up, I was a literal mess. My room was a huge disaster....more
You are totally right. In the 90s I wrote a book about this, published by Berkley Books titled, ...more

Confession - I am a Sugar-holic but I Gave Up Sweets...and boy, am I CRANKY!

It was the multi-day chocolate binge with a box of See's that was the straw that broke the camel's back. The resulting nausea and migraine that lasted an entire weekend was enough for me to step back and reflect on my diet. My body was built on a steady diet of fast food, convenience store candy, doughnuts and soda. Two months ago I gave up the Diet Coke, my beverage of choice. I probably drank a ratio of 3 cans of Diet Coke to several SIPS of water, daily. Since then, I've increased my water intake to 100+ ounces a day....more

5 Ideas for Valentine's Day that Still Respect Your Budget in the Morning!

I'll pass on the pricey red roses. Please don't spend a fortune on teddy bears, chocolate and diamonds, either. Not to say I don't love those things or wouldn't appreciate them, but in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day the prices on them just seems to skyrocket. ...more

"I Want To Eat Healthier" - Making Changes in the Kitchen Towards a Healthier You!

I am probably the last person on earth who would ever have given healthy eating advice. Several years ago, before I remarried I was a self-confessed fast food addict. There were days when I ate fast food meals three times a day. Needless to say I gained quite a bit of weight and felt sluggish. Getting off the fast food drive-thru track wasn't easy. It was a die-hard habit and I absolutely went through withdrawals. ...more

Resolution Series - "I Want to Start an Exercise Routine"

First off, get it out of your head that you require a personal trainer, costly equipment or fancy spandex clothes in order to exercise. There is a budget-friendly way to get fit for everyone on every budget! Before you begin, make sure you're in good health by getting a check-up from your doctor. ...more

Practical Gifts on a Budget (that are still FUN!)

No surprise to me, when I brought up Christmas this year, my husband said, "Let's get the kids practical gifts". We're both practical people and for him especially, the clutter of tiny trinkets in our teeny-tiny house is well, terrible!...more

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make it Through the Holidays

With autumn here and winter fast approaching, we move into the festive "holiday season"! For some though, this time of year is also wallet-draining, stress-inducing and all-around nerve-wracking! ...more

Halloween on a Budget: Make Your Own Adorable Costumes (and Save a Ton!)

I'm a crafty girl, so of course, I always make my kids' Halloween costumes. But even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body, I know you can make a costume this year (or at least vow not to spend an ungodly amount of money on a crummy costume at the store, okay?). I'll show you how—keep reading! ...more

Budgeting Steps to Savings - Learning to Live Without

Certainly never an easy topic. Learning to live without. It probably feels better to think, I'll just "Learn to live with less". And that's definitely the place to start! ...more