Making Buyers Feel at Home | Welcome Letter & Housewarming Gift

From the moment we made an offer, the process of purchasing our new home wasn’t easy. The sellers weren’t as kind &...more

Little Girls Bedroom | Decorating with What You Have

I know I’ve shared Adalyn’s bedroom before, but this week, I’m feeling particularly sentimental as we prepare to move to our new home. Adalyn’s room is among my favorites in our home. It’s a peaceful space for a young little babe ....more

Peanut Butter Cookies

From the look of my Facebook post last week, it seems you hated...more

The Tudor | Our New House

If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see a lot of our house hunting adventure. We spent 5 days in St. Louis seeking our new house in May ....more

Red, White & Blue Salad

I’m taking advantage of the fresh & beautiful summer berries while their in season. In summer, I like a slightly sweet salad. Simple & refreshing, great for a beautiful picnic lunch or a light dinner ....more

Fourth of July Picnic

I’ve always been fond of the Fourth of July – the fireworks, the food & all the quintessentials of summer wrapped into one holiday. The color palette is beautiful, feels a little nautical & truly lasts all summer long. Rather than host an elaborate Fourth of July party, we’re having a relaxed Fourth of July picnic – in our own backyard ....more

It Happened | Marshmallow & Peanut Butter Cookie Cobbler

It happened. At approximately 6am yesterday, it hit me – this move is happening. I was overcome with emotion, so the only logical thing to do was bake ....more

Personalized Wedding Shower Gift for My Niece

I’m in disbelief that my niece is getting married next month. Actually, I’m in disbelief that I’m old enough for her to marry! Time flies & I’m elated that she has found her soulmate ....more

Easy Lemon Berry Pie | Refreshing Summer Dessert

My mom had a recipe box full of quick & easy summer desserts. My sister, Cheryl, recently shared one of her favorites with me. It’s so incredibly easy & refreshing after a hot summer day ....more

Porch Party | Fourth of July Ideas

A friend of mine, Ali, has neighbor nights outside of her building, where each Tuesday they have dinner & drinks under the stars. I love the idea of getting together on a regular basis, & would love to host something similar someday. For now, our neighbor nights are even more casual & sporadic ....more