Breastfeeding Still

Breastfeeding for the long, long haul. ...more


The day I quit my day job.I gave my two weeks notice this afternoon. A well-thought out decision, but not an easy one.  Never anif, always a hypothetical when, the time would never be right, but the time was now.  The pull on every fiber of my being said so....more

My Writing Space

I considered uploading a video of a pitch black bedroom, an alarm clock that says 1:24am, and the sounds of my dogs breathing deeply and my husband lightly snoring.   I tried taking a selfie in the middle of the night last night, for this post, but the cheap camera flash on my tired bare face with overly-applied Lansinoh lips and a double chin was too much reality for my little corner of the internet. I write wherever and whenever I think about what I'm wanting to write about....more