Book of the Month

These are Lex's new favorite books. ...more

Art Gallery

Chinese New Year Lanterns by Lex Chinese New Year Lanterns by Connor Splinter and the Technicolor Dream Coat by Lex ...more

Moose Shirt Photos!

How long has it been since our last Official Moose Shirt photos?Too long.We did it last in 2012.We didn't do it in 2013 because I couldn't find any moose shirts in Houston, Texas. ...more

I hate to tell you this, Mom...

That's how Lex breaks it to me."I hate to tell you this, Mom, but you lost track. ...more


This year for Valentine's day, we did a few things.I bought the boys cards and put Pokemon booster packs inside. ...more

Pokemon Again!

We have really missed the Pokemon league that we used to go to in Houston. ...more

In which we take Tik to the Vet for the First Time

Today we took Tik to the vet for the first time for his 9 week check-up. ...more

Sectional Anywhere Chair

Lex has taken to pushing two Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs together to make his very own sectional sofa chaise lounge.It's actually pretty brilliant, and I expect it is just as comfortable as it looks ....more

Slovenian Stuffed Squid and Mlinci

Kevin bought a bunch of traditional Slovenian cookbooks because even though he has a Slovenian heritage, he didn't have any old family recipes. ...more

We are Data Hogs

Earlier this week we were notified by our internet provider that we had exceeded our monthly limit of 250 GB of data usage. ...more