Birds as Animal Totems and the Meanings

If a bird comes into your life as a totem or is already an established totem, it is truly an honor.  And while individual birds bring their own messages, energy and medicine, many things can be learned from the entire bird population.Because birds travel easily between air and earth (with the exception of flightless birds such as ostriches), they can be associated with “as above, so below.”  You might also think of them as connecting Spirit and earth....more
hi ive been watching these little brown birds in my garden for a while now and they fascinate ...more

Mercury in Retrograde Dates for 2013

Plan ahead for Mercury in Retrograde 2013 by knowing when it will be here or look back to discover what your strengths and challenges were during those times. To understand more about Mercury in Retrograde and how it affects you, read my other post.The following are the dates Mercury will go Retrograde and when it will “station direct” or no longer be in retrograde. Read the remainder of the article and get the dates here:
I wrote my teen novel, MERCURY IN RETRO LOVE, based on this occurence.  I'd love for you to ...more

What is Mercury in Retrograde and How Does it Affect You?

Mercury in retrograde gets blamed for all sorts of things, but is it really as bad as it has been made out to be?  What does it mean when the planet Mercury is in retrograde and how can you ride the wave instead of getting dumped out in the ocean with your head (and everything else) wet?...more

My Soul Lesson and Probably One of Yours

How many of us really like to ask for help?  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s awkward.  And sometimes we will avoid it all costs.  It also means that we can feel very lonely when we feel like we have no support.  It can be a very vicious cycle.  Alone, won’t ask for help, alone, won’t ask for help…...more

What is the Root Chakra and How To Balance It

What is the root chakra, you say?  Some people pronounce it sh-akra and some people use the "ch" at the beginning of the word.  Either way, it's the very first primary chakra of our energetic body.  The primary chakras are energy centers corresponding to various physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our body.  There are 7 of them.  The root chakra is also known as the 1st chakra.  It is located at the very base of your spine....more

How to Use Sage for Smudging

I recommend smudging to many of my clients, students and callers on my radio show as a way to clear negative energy and negative entities.  Many ask for tips on how to use it.  So, in the video included and in this article, I relay the history behind smudging, the reasons for using a smudge stick, the best type to purchase and how to burn sage to clear negative energy and entities....more