A Week of No Meat

So far I've stuck it out for a week.  At this point I'm still feeling deprived, but this is normal.  I remember from the last time I gave up meat that I felt this way for about two weeks.  On the bright side, I'm expanding my lists of things that I do eat.  Yesterday for lunch I was a tad rushed so I brought a PB&J sandwich with baby carrots, tabbouleh, and sliced kiwi fruit on the side.  It was very good.  I'd have liked a better sandwich, but like I said I was rushed and this was almost all grab-and-go type food. ...more

After I lost 150 lbs I gave up beef, pork and seafood. I was so close to being a vegetarian, ...more

A False Start

Ok, so ditching meat last week didn't go very well. Tuesday night I wound up at a friend's house eating pizza with pepperoni and sausage on it. Oh well. I hadn't told anybody that I was going veg at that time so I wasn't going to put anybody out. After that I just decided that maybe everything would be better postponed one week. So yesterday was my first truly meat-free day. ...more

Taking the plunge

First a few things about me: I'm overweight to the point of being obese. I've ridden the diet rollercoaster and I hate it. I have medical problems that truly mean that if I don't do something about my weight, I'm going to die before my time. I'm ready to make a change NOW With all that said, I think I'm ready to go back to an old friend:  Vegetarianism.  I feel good when I don't eat meat, but it's hard living with two Y chromosomes who won't eat vegetables.  But you know, I think I'm ready to face this challenge head on. ...more