the identity of me

 So the other day dada went on over to Ikea and bought honest-to-God-full-price shelves. Matching shelves. The shelves I have been lusting after, years?...more
totally! and in five years they may look totally different. the adventure of life, right? thanks ...more

a day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom

So, as I was washing the endless pile of dishes the other day and little man came up to me whining about assembling some toy for him or something.( Mom will you PLEEEEEEEEASE attach xyz to abc. PLEEEEEEEASE. It’s like all I hear all day long.)So I say to him. Umm, you know how dada goes to work in the morning? Yea. Well, this is my work. It’s my job. To take care of you guys and the house. And right now I need to finish these dishes. Your job is to go play. So go. GO. Okay mom. Geez....more

an attitude of gratitude

So, I have been enormously crabby lately, which is really wrong of me I know, especially headed into this Thanksgiving week. My excuses are thus: Baby girl is getting another set of teeth. Winter ice has set in. The sky is dull November grey. I have been Miss Crafty Galore but my projects aren't turning out the way I like. (Don't you HATE that though? I tried on this felted sweater coat I am making for the boy this morning, so pleased with myself right? He shrugs it off and says "it's itchy." Fine. Forget it) To give you a sampling of my mood....more

a month later i am finally logging back on...
what a nice thing to find! thanks!
teenagers?? ...more

a (tired) ode to motherhood

Last night the hooligans were awake from 1-4am.They are sick, so I am not really allowed to be grumpy about it....more

thoughts on being nice to yourself

So yesterday I was doing the lazy walk around Target. I strapped babydear in. Gave little man strict instructions (no yelling for toys, no screaming and crying, be nice to your sister....more

baby gear or, how Babies R' Us is taking over babyhood...

I spent the first several months of pregnancy with babycakes-the-first absolutely obsessed with maternity wear. “My clothes… They don’t fit?!.... I am getting fat?!..... ACK!” So I was rather late to the game when it came to baby gear. Also we were broke, husband being in law school and me back from an adventure and trying to start a consulting business....more

Survival Days...

Some days. Some days, the glow of motherhood is not so rosy. You are sick. Baby is teething. You are out of coffee. Day three of a tension headache. Whatever the reason, you are just NOT into mommying today.You know what I say? It is ok. It’s a Survival Day.Today is one of those survival days at our house. I spent the weekend camping. Camping with children is one of those more-fun-in-anticipation-or-in-memory kind of things. We will make S’mores and hang out singing songs and go for nature walks and swim in the lake. The actual camping part....more

On Yoga Pants and Aprons

I recently purchased two new pairs of yoga pants. Nice soft jersey knit in grey and black. I was disturbed at how gloriously happy this purchase made me.Yoga pants. From Costco. ...more

ooh. paris! thanks for the link. i will check it out. i really should start an apron collection. ...more