Chocolate chip surprise from my book!

Did you know I just finished my first cookbook? Well it’s a fact: and I haven’t told you all that much about is as the book is in Dutch and I assume that if you come here you do not speak Dutch all that well. If you do, you might want to head on over to Anyway, it initially was supposed to come out beginning of september but as those things go there was a small delay which meant that the launchdate was a bit later and would have been september 30th ....more

Curacao – yet again

In case you were wondering: we’ve been hiding here in Curacao for the last couple of days. It’s been maybe not the best time to book a holiday in Curacao as we’ve had dodgy weather, threatening hurricanes (that thankfully passed), waters that went wild, beaches that disappeared and more of that kind of stuff. Well, ok, I’m making it sound worse than it actually was, but we did have good weather for the first two days ....more

Spicy mango cucumber salad

Hello friends! Did you miss me? Sorry for the absence but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster these last weeks ....more

Beetroot salad with pistache and blueberries – whole30 approved!

How beautiful does this look? I love beetroots; they kind of look a little bit like jewels in this salad especially combined with the blue berries… Yes, I’m still on my whole30 and yes this salad is of course whole30 approved and really really delicious....more

The paleo solution

I’m reading The Paleo Solution at the moment from Robb Wolf. And my mind is in constant turmoil because of it. Part of me finds it endlessly fascinating to read and is convinced he must be telling the truth ....more

DudeFood Tuesday: 3 supereasy to make cocktails with beer

A good glass of wine… still isn’t a glass of beer. A saying which any rightful dude knows by heart. Sure, I do enjoy a nice glass of red wine every now an then, but when I hit the city with my buddies I still think a nice beer(s!) is the best drink ....more

Diary of a whole30: week #2

Day #8: Day 8 already… Time flies. Only 22 left to go… O that sounds quite long actually. Haha. ....more

Cherry coconut cake with orange zest

Yesterday I thought: let’s go and write some new travel content as that’s been a while. But I got really demotivated after going through some of my old travel diary’s (that I keep on paper) I mean; most of the stuff I was reading about are no longer possible for me to do. At least not at this moment and maybe never ....more

Broccoli salad with turkey and hazelnuts – whole30

I kind of forgot how it is to have sore muscles…. I can of course try and blame this on the accident and lord knows I did have sore muscles from doing nothing (seriously, that is the worst!) but even before that I had to get my exercise routine back in order. It has been years since I last followed a spinning class and I kept putting it of ....more

Dudefood Tuesday: Piece of Ass on a plate

I am a buttlover. When I hear Sir Mix a Lot’s song on the radio, I can’t help but dance and shake my own booty too. “I … like BIG butts and I cannot lie… You other brothers can’t deny..” I like the round butt, firm booty, but mostly I like the big butts ....more