A Video Christmas Card

So we got together with some of our gamer friends and did a thing. You should watch. It’s silly ....more

Amazon, It’s Getting Weird

First, you asked if my toilet paper met my expectations. Just how exactly am I supposed to answer that? Why yes, Amazon, now my bottom is delightfully poo free ....more

Eye Catching Title Referencing Something Controversial

Introduction of my ideas regarding controversial issue. More words. Maybe a gif Thought out prose regarding how I came to this opinion ....more

Did You All Get the Special Edition Jennifer Dream Decoder Ring on Black Friday?

‘Cause I didn’t. I didn’t even leave the house. But I had a pretty interesting dream last night and was hoping maybe one of you had gotten in on that deal ....more

Meanwhile, Ferguson Burns

There was no good outcome possible from the grand jury decision. Had they indicted, the agitators would have rioted in supposed celebration. They were ready, waiting to start the fires, loot the businesses, and devolve the city into chaos ....more

Recognizing a Stroke FAST

I was a latch-key kid back in the seventh and eighth grade, my parents each working long hours to support our lifestyle. I’d catch the bus after school and come home to an empty house, which I had to myself for the next two to four hours. This was before the days of the internet and even though we had cable with every channel, that got pretty old pretty quickly ....more

LOL! Whut?

So Taurus has decided that real pistols have curves. Yes, really Pic via Guns and Ammo I guess they’re: All about that base, ’bout that base, no safety. All about that base, ’bout that base, no safety ....more

Jennifer’s Fool Proof Post Holiday Diet

Here we go, barrelling straight into the holidays. The more restrained among you still have a bowl of Halloween candy that you’ve been surreptitiously snacking out of. Some of you have already eaten it, while still others have squirreled it away from insatiable teenagers that weren’t even here that night so it’s not like they suspect there’s candy in Mom and Dad’s room… Not that your humble host would ever do such a thing ....more

Lord Help Me, I’m Weighing in on #Gamergate

Well hello there first time visitor that wandered over because I dared reference a controversial hashtag! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Please, stay a while ....more

Creatures of the Night

Yes, I’ll have a real post for you soon, but I absolutely must share this with you. So freaking adorable. I’m smitten ....more