PSA: Don’t Set Yourself On Fire

According to the Blogess, there are kids setting themselves on fire for YouTube. And that source of all knowledge and term papers, Wikipedia confirms that is in fact a thing. Um… Don’t set yourself on fire ....more

Slow, Painful Death for Looters

No, I’m not talking about Ferguson. I’m talking about Liberia Liberian officials fear...more

Princess Bubblegum

Epbot may have found a pretty great one in Tampa, but this one from SoonerCon is still the most adorable She definitely wins the most pouty face award for the weekend ....more

Hot Dogs for the Homeless!

Here I go again! It’s time to do something ridiculous for a good cause! The donation link is now live So, what silliness will inspire you to donate? ...more

How Much Did They Pay You to Spy on Us?

Two dollars and fifteeeeeen cents! ...more

You Are Not Alone

I’m no stranger to depression, and I’m glad everyone is talking about it. As I said elsewhere I, for one, am glad we’re talking about this. Depression lies and not even fame and fortune can drown it out ....more

Depression Lies

Even to legendary funny men, and the world is a darker place. I pray that you find the peace that eluded you in life and that your demons are finally silenced. Depression lies, don’t listen ....more

Star Wars Cosplay

I’m still swamped, so more cosplay photos for you! Since you already met Lando, how about the rest of the Star Wars players? The little ones are always my favorites And a Sith Spot the tiny Han Solo! ...more

Girl in Paint

So, is she someone or just a girl in paint? This must have taken hours. She showed up as we were leaving ....more

So We Met This Guy

As promised, I’ve got some cosplay pics that I will be sharing in tiny teasing snippets because I need the content to keep you interested. But first, I am beyond excited that to tell you that I got to meet this guy ...more