Tricolor Stick Cookies

Wow, it’s been long. My oven must have been sad for 2 months! Warm-up baking today.Tomato, purple sweet potato and yogurt lemon flavored stick cookies. ...more

Chocolate Cream Parfait

I thought I measured correctly, but I didn’t. What I was supposed to make was chocolate mousse, but what I got was chocolate cream. This chocolate cream parfait came from the mistake I made. Well, turned out “YUM!” I just made layers with the chocolate cream, coconut milk mousse, blueberry muesli. Oh, about that chocolate cream, follow the regular chocolate mousse recipe, but with less gelatin, if that helps. I must say “Failure is the mother of success”. Can I?? ...more

Cheesecake Soufflé

I love many different types of beautiful, gorgeous, rich cakes. When I am in bakeries, I can’t stop looking at them, not just looking more like “investigating”. The taste, the shapes, the ingredients…YUM!Read the rest of post......more

Shrimp & Vegetable Noodle Soup

It’s been cold since last week. In this cold weather, I need coffee, tea and noodle soup! Since I was very little, I have been a big noodle lover. I used to eat udon noodle for breakfast everyday, every single day! When I came to California to live, finding the yummy noodle places became one of my hobbies. I have my favorite restaurants, but I am still working on finding them. If you know the yummy noodle restaurants, please let me know!!...more

Oats & Maple Scone

Rolled oats are my favorite recently. Great for cookies and bars, also soup and salad. Can enjoy different kinds of texture in different ways of baking or cooking. I made oats & maple scones today. Can’t see oats? That’s right. They were ground, but you can still feel the texture. They should have been a little bit taller… oh well, they taste good, so it’s OK.Read more......more

Chocolate Muffins with Figs

I had “muffin, muffin, muffin” dancing around in my head this morning and baked chocolate muffins with slices of figs. I like eating raw figs, but I also like baked/grilled ones because their sweet flavor gets stronger. Chocolate flavor and baked figs…Yummy combination!! Chocolate flavor goes well with any kind of fruits. Amazing! ...more

Sweet Purple Potatoes

Sometimes it’s difficult to find proper names for food and deserts in a different language. The names we use in Japan don’t have the same meaning in English. “Sweet potatoes” is one of them. In Japan, when we say “Sweet Potatoes” it means desert. Here it’s used to refer to the potatoes themselves. Today I made “Sweet Potatoes” with sweet purple potatoes. For your information, I didn’t use any artificial food colors. The purple color is from potatoes. Beautiful, isn’t it?...more

Bibimbap Bowl

I love “Don” style food. “Don” is an abbreviation for “Donburi” and means “rice bowl dish”. There are a lot of different kind of “Dons”. Tamago Don(egg), Oyako Don(chicken & egg), Katsu Don(pork cutlet), Ten Don(tempura), Yakiniku Don(BBQ), etc… Today’s “Don” is Korean Bibimbap Don. Ta-dahhh! It has spinach namul, daikon radish namul, soybean sprout namul, sauteed carrot and ground pork flavored with miso sauce. Oh, I can’t forget a poached egg....more

Pasta with Mini Tomatoes & Capers

When I am lazy, I cook pasta and sprinkle pink salt, black pepper and Parmesan cheese, add herbs sometimes. Although it’s not that bad for quick lazy pasta, I can’t eat it everyday. I don’t want to feel like I am a very lazy person. So I try to make something decent even I am lazy. Wow, how many times did I say “lazy” so far? Anyway I made quick and still decent pasta for lunch. 15 minutes cooking!Click here for the recipe...more

Watercress & Gobo Salad

Salads or very simple dishes like marinated vegetables do the great job during the meal. They are just side dishes, but NOT just side dishes. They help you with fresh eating experience. I made watercress and gobo salad. Lime flavor gave me good appetite.