remembering to never forget

I just realized that I am looking foreword to tomorrow. There is nothing special planned for tomorrow, nothing to set it apart from any other day. But... that just made this realization all that much more powerful.  I have a life I am actually looking foreword to. No matter the off days I might have, majority rules...I am H A P P Y.   It wasnt but months ago I was crying myself to sleep at night and dreading the tomorrows. Always worried about how I was going to wake up and sometimes IF I was going to wake up....more

A day to heal

The last few days I had been playing word games in my head trying to write poems and in my book projects. I’ve cried more in the last few days that I have in three months. I think it is time to acknowledge what is really going on so I can move on. If these grey clouds aren’t going to move... then I need to. ...more

I admire your courage - both in starting over and in sharing your story. May your return to ...more

My foot foreword

I am in the process of opening a help and resource center for victims of domestic violence. This is my link explaining the project, what its about and whats needed to bring my vision alive. even if you are not in the position to help the cause.... please copy and paste the link, thats helping. Spreading the word is bringing forth awareness. Im praying eventually this post will end up on the right screen and someone else will come foreword wanting and/or capable of making a difference. I am taking one step at a time doing my part....more

This love hurts

when Love Hurts   "I did not fall in love with a man that abused me. Like most people in abusive relationships, I fell in love with someone who had many wonderful qualities. I fell in love with someone who had a hidden abuser mentality. He was a man I adore...d, respected, believed in and trusted."................. ..."Life within an abusive relationship is just that....more

Take each day 10 minutes at a time, you are worthy of living a good life :)more

No Fear

1st (almost) worst life mistake I met in Indiana at age 15, It took me to Texas, Oklahoma then returned to Indiana... 2nd (almost) worst life mistake I met 20 years later in Indiana, again journied to Texas .. currently in Oklahoma ...and making my way back to  Indiana....more