Buy the Book: Matched by Ally Condie | #BHBC

Another fun YA read from BlogHer Book Club and Penguin books…   ...more

Let the decorating begin

Each year, my kids start talking about Halloween in July.    I, on the other hand, refuse to entertain discussion of All Hallow’s Eve until the first of October.   In one of my recent CSA shares, I got a very lovely squash.  For the short term, I had put it on the table in the front hall, next to a small pumpkin. I needed time to figure out how I was going to serve it and have the kids ...more

One room at a time

  I am actually organizing my house.   For real this time.   The hub was away for a week, so I kept very odd hours, and did chores at various times throughout the day and night, allowing me to get the other stuff done too.  It was great.  I missed him (it’s just not the same without him here, and I don’t sleep well) but I did get a ton of organizing and such done.   ...more

Give me Liberty, or give me…a nap

A year or so I wrote up a review of a full-spectrum lamp.    Seeing as it’s the end of September already, I thought it was the perfect time to reintroduce the topic of the winter blahs… hey, someone had to broach the topic, right?   ...more

Hey, You! Yeah, you…

  Didja forget about me? Because I was under the distinct impression that absence makes the heart grow fonder.   Y’all must be really fond of me just about now. Well, seriously, I have a great reason. A Fan-effing-tastic reason, even!   I’ve been working on a super-secret-writing project with two other bloggers.   ...more

Not Stale: Women's Issues in the Presidential Campaign

It's bad enough when men assume women are single issue voters, but it's far, far worse when a fellow woman has decided that if I have a deal-breaker issue, I must be a zombie following 'rhetoric' spewed by a given political party....more
@Gamingangel Thank you for reading and commenting. And I agree--we all have the right to our ...more

Did I just agree with Rupert Murdoch?

  It isn’t often that I find myself agreeing with media dickhead   Rupert Murdoch. *   I daresay this may in fact be the first time I’ve ever agreed with him. You need to understand, as I am so resolute in my opinion of this guy that I will not watch the Fox network of television channels, nor read the newspapers owned by News Corp.  But this is what he recently tweeted: ...more

Amazon for Moms

    Not too long ago, I headed down to Long Island, NY for a very special baby shower.  My sister’s daughter is expecting…twins!  These are her first children, but if she’s anything like the rest of us women in the family, all she has to do is trust her gut, check with her mom,  and she will be just fine!  She has tons of family in the area, too, so that will be a huge help.   ...more

I get around…