Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we forget to take time to appreciate what is really important in life. Buying the most gifts, throwing the best holiday dinner, or having a house look like it came out of Martha Stewart’s magazine is irrelevant in the whole scheme of things. What really matters is taking the time to appreciate and focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t and don’t have the energy to accomplish. When you show gratitude for the things and people that are in your life, then everything else will fall into place. ...more

Pink or Blue…. Does it Really Matter?

Here’s the deal. Of course, I want a healthy baby and the sex doesn’t really matter. However, I wouldn’t be totally honest if I didn’t say that after two boys in blue a little pink baby girl would be great. Okay, it would be fantastically great. Alright, alright, it’s what I’ve always wanted (at least since, I’ve wanted to have kids). That doesn’t make me bad person, mother, or human, does it? ...more

Black Friday

Black Friday is a dark and depressing phrase given to the biggest shopping day of the year. The term is cold, impersonal and doesn’t ring with Holiday Cheer. Nevertheless, I like so many other bargain shoppers, scavengers, and thrill seekers LOVE IT. I’m not sure if it is the thrill of the hunt, the smell of savings, or the pure satisfaction of beating retailers at the markup game. Whatever it is, count me in. ...more

10 Things That Have Happened Since I’ve Had Kids

10. Household items have mysteriously vanished. Currently, the peppershaker is MIA. 9. My once strong and healthy teeth are in a battle with cavities. Unfortunately, they are losing. 8. I’m in a constant state of cleaning. Forget about taking a sick day or an afternoon off. It will take a week for the house to recover. ...more