It's Been One Year

and three days. Last year, on November 2, 2010, I found out that the cancer had returned. A lot has happened in the past year. Good and bad, much has happened. I want to write about it, but maybe not just now....more
My thoughts are with you and I hope you kick this disease to the curb! I wish you many more ...more

Stream of Consciousness

I was just looking at my notes from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network(MBCN) Conference that I attended last weekend in Baltimore, MD....more

Saying Goodbye

without saying the actual word. Yes, my friend is dying. She’s a friend I met in May 2011 at Little Pink Houses of Hope first beach retreat week....more

Preparing to Lose Someone

How do you prepare to lose someone you care about? I don’t think you actually can prepare yourself. One of my friends is in hospice care and is deteriorating rapidly, I don’t think I’ll see her again. I wish I could, but as we (those of us who are mutual friends of hers) have been told, the time for her passing is probably soon. It breaks my heart. She’s a wonderful person, a real “fighter,” as people would say. But you know, even fighters and Christians and lovers of life die....more
I'm sorry, too. Celebrate her life and her spirit and let yourself feel whatever it is you feel. ...more

For Those Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Researchers are surveying people living with metastatic breast cancer about how they make treatment decisions. If this applies to you, please consider taking the survey. Their deadline for the survey is November 11. Thanks so much. SURVEY  ...more

What Was Missed (in October)

Because October is so pink and most peoples’ attention is focused on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, other things that October is the month for seem to get swept under the rug. Some things I don’t care that much about — like National Chili Month (nothing against chili) or Bat Appreciation Month(hmmm, sorry, I’m not a bat appreciater)....more

I Did Not Cause My Cancer

You can do everything right...and still get breast cancer. You can do everything "wrong," and never get breast cancer. ...more
Just found out a drug my friend needs to help fight her ovarian cancer will not be produced ...more