reunited, and the jury's still out on how it feels

Round about this time exactly 10 years ago, I was entering my senior year at Bartlett High School. I was the editor of the school newspaper and the field commander in the marching band. I was captain of the Wordsmith team and president of the Model United Nations and also high priestess of the over-achievers and Professor Emeritus Nerd of the Century.Or something like that ....more

pressing the shift key

It's a strange thing, the way I feel about this blog.Judging from the date stamp on the last entry, it's been exactly three months today since the most recent published post -- a distinction that is necessary since there is a draft full of photos of the FHB and I's trip to Little Rock to see Tom Petty that's been waiting to go live for almost as long ....more

the back to midtown countdown

On Thursday, I dropped the first box of stuff off at my new apartment. It was full of shoes.This morning my mom and I loaded in a few more, and made a trip to my mini-storage to clear out some of the smaller odds and ends before the moving crew (translation: friends bribed by donuts) arrives tomorrow morning. As I opened boxes this morning and pulled out all sorts of around-the-house stuff I'd managed to completely forget existed in the ...more

the revelations of the keepsake box

As you may recall, I am getting ready to move. (Do you want to come sit on my couch in my apartment?)The moving process involves plenty of packing, of course, but since most of my worldly possessions are contained in a 5 by 15 cell on Poplar Avenue -- not 201, thankfully -- I've turned my attention to the cleaning-out and getting-rid-of portion of our program. Quite aggressively. ...more

defining abject terror

At such point in time as I actually manage to live through this whole starting-a-business thing, I think I'm going to write a book. And that book is going to be called: You Can't Tell Me What to Do (The Slightly Embellished but Mostly True Story of How I Got Laid Off, Got Angry & Started a Business that Probably Should've Never Worked, Ever). That'll fit on The Times' best-seller list, right? ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Little Fish in a Big Pond - Understanding and Loving Your Small Blog

Although I have a network of sites that get over a million visitors a month, I also am the owner ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Good Blog Design - The Role of Layout in an Online Medium

WOW! What a lot of information. Am so impressed you could keep up the pace of all this and ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Creating Tangible Social Change

Really fantastic! I am feeling it too, Virgie. It's nice to know that this is happening..Back ...more

a white christmas

It's snowing today in New York. It's been snowing off and on quite a bit for the last week or so, but this snow is supposed to accumulate a few inches by the end of the day. It's certainly coming down fast enough for it ....more