Valentine's Day Happened...

February seemed to creep up quickly for us. One minute it was still January and the next we were planning a get-together with friends for Valentine's day. We have a great group of homeschooling families in the area that we don't see nearly often enough ....more

The Zoo in January

It had been over a year since we had seen Mimi and Papa, so way back in January, they came to visit. It was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to take them to the zoo. Would you believe it if I told you just a few days earlier we had snow on the ground? ...more


Way back in January, after we returned from Phoenix, we were totally pumped to attend the Broncos first playoff game after getting a bye into the second round. This photo right here pretty much sums up the great time we had at the game. It was all good ....more


After a sad loss to Oklahoma, we went out for a retail therapy to forget about the loss. I think it worked! Later that evening we had dinner in the sky above the city of Phoenix at the Compass Restaurant ....more

The Cactus Bowl

There's something about skydivers that really gets your adrenaline going. Am I right? Seeing the skydiver carry your school's flag, and then our country's flag also gets the adrenaline going ....more

Warmer, Citrusy Weather

We woke up Friday morning and it was just a short walk to Mills Ave where Starbucks was filled with "Dawg" fans. ...more

New Year's Day!

The evening of New Year's Day you probably could have found us at the airport excited to head somewhere a little warmer than Denver.While I thought I had the weather in Denver figured out it came as a surprise when the snow was falling on our way to the airport. Our flight was ended up getting delayed and we didn't find out until we had already arrived at the airport. No worries though, we hung out at Rock Bottom and watched the ground crew throw luggage around and saw a few planes land and board more passengers ....more

An End To 2014

After having a house full of sick children, over the holidays, we welcomed the invitation to attend the Broncos' last regular season game. ...more

The Advent/Christmas Disaster!

We had a crazy, fun time decorating cookies, and then the next morning I think I caught a 4 hour flu or something like that. I was scheduled to take Rebecca to see The Mockingjay that evening, so I loaded myself up on what is considered to be an outrageous amount of Vitamin C (17,0000 mg or so) and fell asleep in front of the fireplace for about 3 hours. Then it was off to the movie ....more

Cookie Decorating

Lately we've had our foster children's siblings over to hang out after church on Sundays. I thought it would be fun to decorate cookies with them since it's something they've never done before. A few weeks before Christmas they all went to town on a ton of cookies that I baked for them ....more