The Advent/Christmas Disaster!

We had a crazy, fun time decorating cookies, and then the next morning I think I caught a 4 hour flu or something like that. I was scheduled to take Rebecca to see The Mockingjay that evening, so I loaded myself up on what is considered to be an outrageous amount of Vitamin C (17,0000 mg or so) and fell asleep in front of the fireplace for about 3 hours. Then it was off to the movie ....more

Cookie Decorating

Lately we've had our foster children's siblings over to hang out after church on Sundays. I thought it would be fun to decorate cookies with them since it's something they've never done before. A few weeks before Christmas they all went to town on a ton of cookies that I baked for them ....more

Foster Care Christmas Party

If you follow the news you have probably heard the hundreds of horror stories about children in foster care or stories about parents who have caused their children to be part of the system. What you hardly ever hear about are the awesome things that the counties actually do for these hurting and scared children. This was our second year attending a Christmas party for all of the children in the foster care system, and their foster families, in our county ....more

Parade of Lights

Just after Thanksgiving came the Parade of Lights which, around here, means the kickoff to the holiday season. We headed downtown with what seemed like the rest of the city, since the weather was quite warm for the beginning of December. To begin the parade the Colorado State University marching band puts on a little show ....more


If you stop by our house and we haven't seen you in awhile, watch out! This is what happened when Mike and Laurel popped in to say and "Hi" and drop off some Pyrex. :) We had some new friends over this year and our kids had a fabulous time together! ...more

Fall or Summer?

I found some photos from last month that I forgot to post. With the strange weather around here it's hard to figure out when summer has ended and when fall has started. It's warm enough to run around in the sprinklers, but leaves are falling all over the ground ....more

A Dynamite Party!

Back in November we hosted a Napoleon Dynamite/Nerdy Thirty party for our friend Reena! The crazy, funny thing about all of this is that Carlos and Reena met each other online, for those of you who have seen the movie, Kip and LaFawnduh's relationship is quite similar. Napoleon Dynamite quotes could be found all over our house ....more

Bow Down to Washington

My Lutheran Stud and I both attended school at the University of Washington. Go Huskies! Having the Colorado Buffaloes join the Pac-10, or rather Pac-12 now, has been fun! ...more

Museum of Nature and Science

The Museum of Nature and Science is a great place to have a membership when you have a large family. They welcome all of the children living in your home, and that includes foster children. When you have a membership it's great because you don't ...more

Our First Band Concert

Last spring my Lutheran Stud began teaching our oldest how to read music and play the trumpet. As a side note, I have no musical ability whatsoever. I can't even read music ....more