Turns out I have issues.

I think of myself as a pretty self-aware person. I have described myself that way numerous times in life (and on this blog). I have a tendency to overthink and overanalyze and (unfortunately) that often results is a lot of self-critique ....more

New Year’s Sum-Uppance, Vol. 8

Dang, EIGHT years? That’s a long time. If you’ve been reading for EIGHT years (so, my mom and dad), then you know I end every year with a recap since my blog-iversary is December 25th ....more

Gratitude practice

I had a moment a few days ago that I’m not really proud of where I got unreasonably jealous of someone to the point where I nearly started crying. That sounds horrible and pathetic, right? You didn’t ask for my excuses, but, in my defense, I was also tired, after having...more

5 recipes to get your toddler to eat her veggies

A few months back, we had a pediatrician visit where we were warned that Vivi was entering the stage of her life when she would start to show signs of finicky eating. We’ve been very fortunate in this respect for most of Vivi’s life. The kid...more

If I knew then…

Vivi has never been a great napper. While overnight sleeping has been fairly simple since she was about three months old, daytime sleeping is ALWAYS a struggle. And, like most parenting struggles, it probably stressed me out more than it should ....more


One of my favorite things about being Vivi’s mom is watching her develop a sense of humor. It has always been fairly easy to coax a giggle out of her, but lately she has started to realize that...more

Close to My Heart: A Pixley Pressed Review

I’m not typically that into “mom” jewelry. There’s this weird phenomenon that happens when you tack the adjective “mom” onto fashion. Typically, it gets, well, less...more

A night away

Last weekend, Vivi had her first ever sleepover away from home without me. It was at her grandparents’ in Long Island, so she wasn’t terribly far, but I’m sure you can still appreciate the momentousness of the milestone. From the moment Vivi existed, she has been with me ....more

Keeping Time: JORD Men’s Watches Review & Giveaway

Time seems to go infinitely faster once you have a baby. Everyone tells you this, but it’s a hard thing to believe or even really imagine until you’re in the thick of it. As a perpetual planner, I probably make it worse by always thinking about what’s next — where we’ll go, what we’ll do ....more