The Definitive Guide to Who Will (And Who Will Not) Give You a Seat When You’re Pregnant on the Subway

Typical. When you find yourself pregnant in a big city, you have a number of initial concerns: How will I find the right doctor with so many options? Can I fit a baby in my current apartment? ...more

The One Thing I Never Expected From Pregnancy

Last week, a group of my girlfriends and I got together for our book club. Before we dug into the actual book (and the plethora of treats), we sat around a bit catching up on our lives. Since my life is basically just baby these days, we talked about that when we got around to me ....more

The Baby Countdown

I’m officially into the third trimester. Even just writing that sentence fills me with, well, all the feelings. I’m excited ....more

Working Out While Pregnant

In general, I find it kind of fascinating to observe the general population’s reactions to pregnant people. Whether it’s determining who is most likely to give up their seat on the subway (more on this later) or watching strangers struggle to control their “must touch the belly!” reflex, being pregnant (especially in a big city) is nothing short of non-stop social experiment. That includes the reactions you get when you work out with a baby bump ....more

It’s getting hot in here.

To those of you who are getting a little bit tired of my sunshine-y, “pregnancy is great and easy!” attitude, I have good news: Things are starting to get a little uncomfortable around here. I have to admit, I still don’t really feel like I should complain all that much. All in all, I really have enjoyed being pregnant ....more

The Cheesecake Incident

“This is how to bake cheesecake. And this is how to ruin it.” I’m going to tell you a sad story. It’s called, “The Time I Tried to Make a Cheesecake for a Party.” And, yes, there is a bit of foreshadowing in that title, isn’t there? ...more

Pregnancy Update: Six Months

{24 weeks} Did you do a double-take at this post’s headline? Not going to lie: The fact that my pregnancy is almost two-thirds of the way over is mind-boggling even to me. (Technically the second trimester doesn’t end until the 27th week ....more

I am not #blessed.

Are y’all okay if I spew a little mush on the blog today? Seriously…just a bit? A tiny bit? ...more


You know how you never feel like you have enough time to yourself? Like there are a million things you could get done, if only you had a solid hour or two to just focus and tackle them? The problem is that this time only really comes around at the most inopportune times ....more

Planning the Nursery

You know what is fun about knowing whether you’re having a girl or a boy? EVERYTHING. Not surprisingly, one of the things I was most looking forward to about being pregnant was planning our baby’s nursery ....more