Finding the Joy in Motherhood

I think, like most people, I had an...more

5 Must-Have Items for New Moms

Joey, Vivi, and I just got back from a long weekend in Lake Placid for a hockey tournament, and I’m looking around my apartment thinking, “MAN, do I have a lot to do!” So what do I do first? Write a blog post, of course. #priorities For a while now (let’s call it three months), I’ve been meaning to do a blog round-up of my favorite must-have new baby items ....more

Choosing to Stay

If you had asked me two years ago if I ever thought I would be a full-time freelance worker, I would have answered unequivocally “no.” It wasn’t that I didn’t see the merit of leaving the office behind — setting one’s own schedule, prioritizing work I actually enjoy, working from home…the list goes on. What always held me back, though, was the fear that I would never be able to make it work for real — or that the anxiety of whether or not it was working would crush the joy of freedom. I liked knowing that I had work to go to every morning and a paycheck coming every two weeks without fail ....more

New Year Sum-Uppance, Vol. 7

At the close of each year, I typically do the same thing on my blog. I’ll write two posts; one is a recap of the top ten most-read posts of the year, and the other is a recap of myself. Thanks to SEO, though,...more

Vivi Update: Three Months Old

It’s beyond cliche to say that time goes too quickly for most parents, so I’m not going to say it. BUT YOU GUYS. I’m around Vivi every day, obviously, so sometimes she changes without my noticing ....more

Stories of Sleep Training. Or, How I Got My 10-Week-Old Baby to Sleep Through the Night

When you talk about having a baby, it usually takes roughly .00003 seconds for someone to mention that you are going to be tired. They love to say it like it’s a big gag: “A BABY? HOOOOOO-boy! ...more

Motherhood makes me want to be braver

{imperfect is the new black} Insecurities are a funny thing. Over the years, I feel like I’ve been pretty open on this blog about mine. In general, I don’t consider myself an insecure...more

Babies make you dumb.

{Losing my hat; losing my mind} One of the hardest parts of getting pregnant and becoming a mother for me has been feeling like my brain has literally been poked full of holes. I first noticed the effects of “pregnancy brain” late in my first trimester when I started losing words. I would go to say something or write something, and I would know the definition of the word I meant — I would even be able to recall another time I had used the word in conversation — but I could not for the life of me tell you what the word was ....more

Two Months In

While I do feel like the last two months have gone by quickly, I also feel like they haven’t. Sure, a lot of the (at times restless) nights blend together into one long blur of feedings, there are also a lot of crystal clear moments. Moments of joy (the first time she smiled at me!) and moments of “oh Lord, this is never going to end…” (see previously mentioned restless nights) ....more

How to: Gnocchi, Chicken, and Broccoli Bake

Gnocchi, Chicken, and Broccoli Bake What’s that?...more