Heiress; In the Creative Sense

Welcome to Week Three of the month-long Carnival of Creative Mothers to celebrate the launch of The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhoodby Lucy H. Pearce. ...more

Quick Fix

First things first. Yes, I went “Black Friday” shopping on Thursday–at Target to be specific. Do I regret it? No. Do I consider myself a selfish, ungrateful, self absorbed person? No. I simply went for one thing and got exactly what I’d been wanting for almost a year now; a DSLR. A Nikon D3200 that also happened to come with an extra lens for a very inexpensive price. I was beyond excited! Sure I happened to do a little Christmas shopping for the kiddo and parentals too; couldn’t hurt anything....more

Goodness Gracious

 I wanna hold you closeBut I never wanna feel ashamed. Swore upon the starsI’d keep you til a night less day. Goodness gracious I can’t seem to stop....more

The Other Side

There’s another part of me that’s rebellious and defensive, blunt and coarse, crazy and erratic. I crave it sometimes. It allows me to be detached from reality and something about that comforts me in a very distorted way.I think more than anything, it’s a defense mechanism–and I can’t explain to you how, you’d have to sit me down with a psychiatrist to figure that one out–but it happens. I feel in control when I feel like I can shut things out; or off, however I’m having to deal with it. Being unstable is the worst. I have to be in control; always....more

Sensibly Senseless

It’s almost becoming ridiculous that I keep letting myself fall short with the whole remembering-to-post-everyday situation. It’s not that I don’t want to, just that I’ll either forget or let time slip away from me. Nonetheless, I refused to let it happen tonight....more

Wordless Wednesday

Being Sick Sucks

It’s been a very uninteresting day for Jasmine Ross today let me tell you. I actually stayed home from work because I have this nasty stomach virus that’s been going around and I couldn’t manage to keep myself away from a bathroom for more than 30 minutes. Disgusting, yes. I can’t even remember the last time I’d been this sick, and when I was this sick I could actually keep food down and manage not to literally blow up a toilet–I’m sorry....more

If I Could Have Your Attention...

I somehow only feel my best whenever I decide to creatively inspire myself. Not a bad route to take if I must say so, and it’s a much better alternative rather than saying something like I only feel my best when I’m smoking crack–which I don’t, I’m just using an extreme example. I’m constantly looking for and finding ways to stretch my creativity so I can in turn inspire others to want to find their own....more

Shattered Screens and Secret Santa

Holy Jesus, I'm about to let myself hit the 2 day mark for missing a post during NaBloPoMo! I can NOT let this happen. Of course I wait until the last minute in the day to write something, but better late than never I've always heard them say!...more

Free Positive Thoughts

Free Positive Thoughts  Let’s talk about being positive and grateful for a little bit shall we. With the holidays fast approaching, it only seems appropriate....more