Please Help - Project in the Works!

Fellow Bloggers, I am undertaking a personal research project that I hope will turn into a published work of some fashion.  I'm asking anyone and everyone for help. I would love to hear from people about their memories from 9/11 - just anything. Where you were, what you were doing, what your thoughts were, etc. If there are any bloggers that were around for WWII or have family members that experienced that, I would also really really love to get feedback about their memories of Pearl Harbor or the war events and also of 9/11. ...more

Big Brother 11

I have watched Big Brother since college. My roommate and I were in love with this one guy from BB4, jokinginly arguing with one another why we were the better match for him. ...more

Mommy Friends

Mom of toddler seeks parent for friendship. Must love light conversation, ranting about daily struggles and Friends.  ...more

My June Resolutions

I didn't keep my New Year's Resolutions at all, and I've been thinking lately about some things that I'd like to do. Therefore, I am making my June Resolutions list. I would start immediately, but I have to mentally prepare myself and also I have my vacation in a week - don't want to start doing anything different before a vacation! Tomorrow I am attending the Get Motivated! conference in Charleston, and this has also prompted me to think about some changes I'd like to make...and then I will Get Motivated! ...more

Wii, Mii and Mexico

My wonderful husband got me a Wii for Christmas, and his parents got me the Wii Fit. This is something I wanted, and his parents made sure to tell me that they didn't get it for me because they felt I needed it, but rather that Troy told them I asked for it. :) ...more

HAHAHA, I can't believe that it actually tries to act real by having a trainer run ...more

Mommy Sleep

Mommy sleep is a whole different thing than regular sleep. One of the best pieces of advice I received during my pregnancy was to get as much sleep as I could. Well, I didn't follow that for two reasons:1) I didn't believe them.2) Once I couldn't sleep on my stomach any longer, I really couldn't sleep. ...more