Eating Vegan at Disneyland

Eating vegetarian at Disneyland is fairly easy but finding vegan meals may seem to be a little more difficult. Not at all! Vegan meals are abundant at Disneyland, you just need to know where to look ....more

Disney’s Tomorrowland

I went to a screening of Disney’s Tomorrowland and I’ve seen the future. I don’t think the trailers do the movie justice, it was an emotional action-packed ride! The story follows a former boy genius named Frank, played by George Clooney ....more

May the 4th 2015

Happy Star Wars Day! If you’ve come here looking for Star Wars recipes, I’ve definitely got you covered. From Admiral Ackbar cupcakes to a severed wampa arm cake, these are the recipes you’re looking for ....more

Monkey Kingdom Party

Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom is a film about the adventures of Maya and her son Kip. Narrated by Tina Fey, it’s a tale of family and survival of the Macaques monkeys set in the beautiful, lush ruins of Sri Lanka. The film crew spent 1000 days on location to capture all the magic of the daily lives, through the seasons, of the monkey family ....more

Disney Cinderella Activity Sheets

Planning a Cinderella party or need something to busy the kids through the weekend? These Disney Cinderella activity sheets will come in handy. Cinderella is playing now in theaters everywhere! ...more

Disney’s Cinderella

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, her sad, tragic tale of mistreatment by an evil stepmother and step-sisters. Stepmothers really need better PR. Disney’s all new live-action Cinderella closely follows the animated plot and brings the characters to life, complete with helpful mice and a dashing Prince ....more

Ina Garten Inspired Birthday Brunch

My mom’s birthday is in March and in years past she’s asked me to cook family dinners from cajun meals to seafood but her favorite foods always tend go back to the flavors of Ina Garten. My mom loves the Barefoot Contessa style of cooking: rustic, family style and usually – full of seafood. This year she asked me for another Ina inspired brunch and I went through the recipes and decided on a soup and sandwich style brunch that would please my mom as well as our other family members who weren’t such big seafood fans ....more

Otter Bowl I at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Possibly the greatest sports event in the universe is happening this weekend but it’s not the one you think, no I’m talking about the Otter Bowl! Head to the Aquarium of the Pacific this Sunday, February 1st at 3pm to watch the playful sea otters vie for the title in the very first Otter Bowl! The Aquarium is open from 9pm to 6pm and currently they’re running a special offer coupon: a free child admission with a paid adult from now through March 31 ....more

Big Hero 6: The Science of Baymax

Soft robotics?!? Baymax is real! Check out this clip from the bonus features on the new Big Hero 6 Blu-ray and DVD available on February 24, 2015 (pre-order now) and Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere on February 3 ....more

Peanut Butter recipes for National Peanut Butter Day 2015

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! No one can resist the salty flavor of peanut butter especially when it’s baked into sweet treats. Here are some of my favorite recipes that feature Peanut Butter ....more