If You Leave

A lot of people have emailed me about where I've been, since I haven't been posting anything new. I'm sad to say that this is the end. I've blogged at justJENN rants for well over 10 years and it's hard to say goodbye but I've been slowly consolidating everything into one overall blog at www.justjennrecipes.comSome of the old posts that were here have already moved over, and anything new I write that would have been here will now be on justJENN recipes filed under the travel/lifestyle tab ....more

Sons Of Geekery: Custom Painted Shoes

If you follow my friend Eric on his twitter feed @geektrooper, you'll find a fan who loves Star Wars, comics and pop culture. Lately he's been able to take his love of fandom and translate it into his talent for painting. A few years ago when his son was born, he created an impressive nursery centered around a mural inspired by artist Skottie Young's "Marvel Babies" variant covers for Marvel Now! ...more

Free Comic Book Day 2014

This weekend is Star Wars Day, May The 4th but it's also Free Comic Book Day!Free Comic Book Day is when comic book shops across America give away comics for free! It's a great way to learn about new artists and books and support your local comic store at the same time. Most stores have other activities that day and encourage browsing and questions about comics you might not know about otherwise.It's a great way for kids to get inspired and it's all free! ...more

Star Wars Crafts For May The 4th

Coming up this week is the biggest holiday of the year! Not Easter, not your mom's birthday -- no, it's Star Wars Day, May The 4th Be With You! To celebrate May The 4th there are so many fun things you can do with your kids: rewatch the movies, dress up like Jedi, make fun treats like Yoda Soda or Princess Leia Cupcakes and of course, crafts!Star Wars crafts are some of the most fun because the inspiration is endless ....more

Disneynature Bears

In Disneynature's newest True Life Adventure "Bears," we get to follow Skye and her two little newborn bear cubs Skye and Scout in their first year of life. From the freezing snowcaps to peaceful ponds the lives of bears consists of a constant hunt for food with threats all around them.The familiar voice of Wreck-It Ralph's John C. Reilly provides the narration over the scenic views of coastal Alaska which provide a stunning backdrop for the bears and their great adventures ....more

Keeping busy in Disneyland lines

Waiting in line at Disneyland can be anywhere from a few short minutes to hours. While a well stocked bag of snacks can only last so long, it always turns into the inevitable child rally cry: "Mom? Can I use your phone?"When I'm standing in line I'm usually trying to work on something at the same time so using my phone isn't always an option ....more

The Bun Shop

The Walking Dead. Buns. Two things my friends and I like and now they are finally together as one! ...more

Free Captain America Activity Sheets

If you've been missing seeing your favorite Avengers on the big screen, the wait is almost over! Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out in just one month!In anticipation of the countdown to April 4th Disney has provided a 16 page Captain America activity sheet set download for free! Not only that, there's a brand new tv spot that showcases something I've been looking foward to, Falcon's amazing costume!Check out the clip, download the activity sheets and go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters everywhere April 4th! ...more


LA has been on #Stormwatch2014, sandbags, T-rails we are prepared! Then of course, nothing happened and it looked like this.Whenever it rains in LA I think of the LA rain parody movie Rain H2O...No. It's ridiculously accurate because we all know wet jeans = the ultimate disaster ....more

Muppets Most Wanted Free Drawing Activity Sheets

Back in August when I went to D23 I was excited to see a large area dedicated to the Muppets! Kids of all ages were crowded around a giant chalk wall, all learning how to draw their favorite Muppet! It was fun to see the progress of the wall through out the day, some of the art was so good I'm just know some kids will be animators in the future! ...more