Have your second kid first: Decorating the nursery

Months before we brought M home, I had meticulously planned the nursery décor. It was a fun and funky jungle theme. Not too girly, because I'm nothing if not practical ....more

First of many firsts

M is starting school in three weeks. That's right, my firstborn, the one who introduced me to...more

Have your second kid first

I heard the expression "you should have your second kid first" a few times before I had a second kid and thought it was silly. I did it right the first time, dammit! But I know what they meant ....more


Seven years ago today I went to dinner and the Fringe Festival on a first date with a man. I was nursing an injury after being hit by a car riding my bike and it hurt to think about leaning over for a kiss at the end of the night, so I blew him one instead. He took it to mean I wasn't interested....more

Little Cat Z

Our lovely little man, Little Cat Z, joined the family on June 18 at 11:35 am. My water broke at home but contractions didn't start. As luck would have it, my OB was on call ....more

Wayback Playback: The Last 10 Days

I'm huge and lumbering and nesting in a really big way, but seeing the same old post up for weeks on end is making me sad. To fix that, I'm digging through the archives of a now-abandoned journal for some of my old faves. This is the story of the whirlwind leading up to our Vegas nuptials originally published on October 9, 2007.  ...more

Top 5 reasons to hate the Apple Store

I started to place an order for my mom's birthday present weeks ago, way back when shipping was free and there was plenty of time for it to get here. And then I forgot all about it. When I noticed it was still in the shopping cart last night, and when I was done with a long stream of obscenities, I tried to complete the order and learned that to even have a chance at it arriving in time I'd ...more

Things I forgot about pregnancy #9

I was minding my own business sitting on the couch one night before bed when IT began. It starts with a gentle warmth in the chest and before you know it, BOOM! Molten fucking lava starts making its way up the esophagus. They call it heartburn, and boy does it ever! At times I feel as though it has made it all the way up to my ears. ...more


I just worked my last day before Mat Leave. I'm not set to return until June 9, 2014. I'll spend the next two weeks living a life of leisure before buckling down and doing the final touches to get ready for this baby. It's weird, this feeling of not thinking about what needs to be done at work. To instead focus on all the things that need to be done for my growing family ....more

Tips for surviving your partner’s business travel

Are there words more dreaded than “required business travel” when your partner starts a new job? We have a good division of labour in our household so his absence during these trips is strongly felt. The highlight of his last trip was making my daughter cry as I yelled at her to “Just get in the @*&$^ car!” I’ll pick up my Mother of the Year award later, thanks. In my defense pregnancy fatigue does not increase patience. Still, that’s ...more