When I Was a Kid

I liked ham sandwiches with mustard and pickles. I did not like cheese. Froot Loops was the best cereal. I would wake early on Saturday to watch cartoons. I would climb on the cabinets and get everything myself. I would fix the cereal and sit in front of the TV. Scooby Doo was the best cartoon....more

Some Words Should Be Hard to Say

It was the second week of school. Or maybe the third. Traffic was a nightmare. It always is those first few weeks. This year it was made worse because Cady’s school changed the way they did everything, adding a new driveway and a traffic signal. All the parents were trying to learn which way to go, what was the best time to drop off, whether drive up or walk in was quicker....more

Because of a Dyslexic

Sometimes being the mom of a dyslexic is hard. I’m sure not as hard as it is for her to live with it every day. But still hard. Every mother knows that when your child hurts, you hurt. When she struggles, I struggle. When she is discouraged, I have to dig deep and find the fight for her. Some days are tough....more

Fancy Food

JCan we talk about something? Fancy food. I don’t get it. It seems like every time I check out Pinterest there is some kind of crazy twist on a classic recipe.What’s wrong with the classics?Why can’t we have just a cinnamon roll?Or just a pumpkin pie?Or just a peanut butter cookie?Or just a cupcake?Or just an apple?...more
I hear you. I wrote a post once about Rice Krispies treats. All the flavors, so many -- and I ...more

Shopping with a Tween

Yesterday my mom and I took my tween-age daughter to the mall to shop for shoes to go with her junior bridesmaid dress. Nothing in my parenting experience to date prepared me for shopping with a tween.Read about my experience on my blog... ...more

A Mad Halloween

This year the kids decided to dress up as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. I was thrilled that they chose to dress as a theme this year. I thought those years were over. “I don’t think…” “Then you shouldn’t talk,” said the Hatter.”...more

So you're having a c-section

I had my first scheduled c-section in December, 2004 with my daughter after my doctor determined that I would be unable to have her naturually. My second was with my son in April, 2004. While I know that doesn’t make me an expert, it does make me experienced....more