I Am A Christian, Married, Mother of 3; I am pretty dangerous!

Today, the day before Election Day I awoke feeling empowered.  My feelings of empowerment are not motivated by trusting that my voice will actually be heard this voting season. See, I am a Christian, married; mother of 3 who teaches at a private Christian school. I am all too often cast into the unrealistic dark shadows of society.  I mean I am pretty dangerous…I believe in One Man One Women, Abortion is Murder, Pro Death Penalty, Small Government, Anti Union, The Right To Bear Arms…heck I am even Pro Pledge Of Allegiance…I could go on and on....more

I Must Pull My Head Out Of The Mud & Carry On!

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching, in the midst of how crazy the world is changing, how quick my kids seem to be growing and how much of a passion I obtain for speaking God’s word, specifically to women and mothers. I have many goals that are ever changing, but the wonderful aspect about the way they are changing is that they are all becoming heavy on my heart to complete....more

Do You Believe The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test?

I definitely think one's religious beliefs will reflect in their actions. Any beliefs for that ...more

Did You Loose Your Way?


A Single Word Spoken

I am no poet, yet I love poetry and wrote so much of it when I was a kid. Today I felt inspired to get some thoughts out of my head, and decided to write them in a form that I am not so familiar with. You can interpret this poem in many ways, maybe even relate to it in one way or another. This poem is titled: A Single Word SpokenA single word spoken can have so much effect, I often wonder if the weight will ever be left....more

Seriously..I Have To Wash These Dishes By Hand?

Do you argue with yourself in the morning before you even step out of bed?    Examples:Wake up promptly when your alarm goes off to get a good start on your day. -VS- Press snooze just one more time (after 4 times of pushing it, which then quickly accumulates to 30 minutes) because I really deserve a few more minutes of sleep.My bed is so comfortable and warm. -VS- The house is so cold I don’t think I can even attempt to stick my leg out of the blankets without catching a cold....more

Fear, Faith & A Little Bit Of Caffeine

Fear, Faith & A Little Bit Of Caffeine ...more
LOVE THIS!  I am a football mom at Aplington Parkersburg High School in Iowa where the famous ...more

10 Ways To Take Your Days At Home From Boring Routine To Exciting & Serene!

Why is it that every morning takes me by surprise  as if I thought it was going to be totally different? The same boring routine, every day. It is almost like I am forced to go through with it like it is a life sentence  After careful reflection on the reasoning to why I have ended up in this almost “by the book” routine, I felt totally out of control, but why? I am in control of my choices what is holding me back? I will tell you NOTHING but myself and lack of motivation....more
Nice Ideas!more

You Can Rent Timeshares ~ RedWeek.com's Review

You Can Rent Timeshares!  ...more
Hi, I just came across RedWeek via a review on Tripadvisor.  I'm curious to use them, googled my ...more

Mama's Got a New Look Giveaway!

 “Mama’s Got a New Look”Giveaway...more