Busted: 'Best Places to Work' Lists

If  most ‘best places to work’ lists are to be believed, most of corporate America is headquartered in Lake Woebegone, where all the employers are above average. You don’t have to be much of a skeptic to wonder what the real truth is behind the sunny quotes and breathless editorial comments: Foosball! Free coffee! Shuttle buses around the corporate campus! All the Cheerios you can eat! ...more
Sometimes though, the companies actually do the things that the survey says they do.   I worked ...more

The Pay Gap Is Your Fault!

Yes, Virginia, there is (still) a pay gap. And, gals, this is your fault! Just in time to open the new year on a note of intellectual dishonesty, here’s a hit parade of recently reiterated alleged facts about why women make less than men in most circumstances. ...more

Some years ago, I worked as a marketing director for a large nonprofit organization. The time ...more

Ten Tips for Women for Getting Ahead at Work

Nobody knows how to make it like those who have. Which of these top ten tips from top women business leaders will make the difference for your career this year? ...more

G. stands for GIRL

LONDON circa. 1998more

How to Tell Women They're Being Paid Unfairly

One of the first things Ed Macias did when he became provost at Washington University in St. Louis in 2009 was commission an analysis of gender-pay equity. Macias, a 39-year employee, is not a showy type, but he realized that when he announced that he was looking into pay inequity, he was simultaneously announcing that he was going to publicly release the results. Executives, legal officers and human resources staff can learn from how Macias navigated this land-mined terrain. ...more

Really great article, every woman should read it just to be ahead of the boss.more