Jo's Daily Diet - 23rd Sept 2012

Jo's Daily Diet Breakfast3 T oatmeal1tsp sugar15 almonds, coursely groundwater to the level of the oatmealMethod: Put all of the above into a bowl and put in the microwave on medium for a minute Healthy Liver Cleansing drink1/2 red pepper/capsicum, chopped1 1/2 cups watersalt to taste...more

Finding your own sense of style

Alicia's approach to life had long centered around her need to be accessible. She resembled an overgrown college student, only ever to be found in jeans, ill-fitting Gap jeans coupled with various types of shapeless Gap T-shirts. She shopped hastily and inexpensively, prefering solid colors in jewel tones: colors she'd worn since she was a teenager. Then suddenly at the age of forty, Alicia fell in love. Falling in love was such a bizarre experience. It was no longer just her looking in the mirror wondering why she wasn't fitter and more toned....more

Vegetable Juices and Vegetable Soups

Melanie is hard-working and smart, she applies herself diligently to most tasks and she genuinely cares for people around her. But over time Melanie discovers she isn't that well-regarded and few people notice her work ethic. She's often passed up for people who can convey their more elementary messages in a more elegant way. People want her around but noone ever asks her on a date; she's more likely to be found saddled with endless baby-sitting than actually finding her own man....more