Are Women always trying to re-evaluate relationships

Are women predisposed to trying to re-evaluate their relationship? Hobetw many women wonder if there is not something they are being told or are they in the path of a Mac truck? Where does trust lie and all other components that make a person feel comfortable? The main issue, a feeling that pops up every once and awhile that he is not divulging what is  going on? Yet, he is very wonderful and tells me things in his own time? everything? I tell myself, there is a healthy distance and there are things that a couple should keep from eachother....more

Running to Quit

My big question, guilty feelings, depressed everytime I see a commercial about the implications of smoking...aghhhh, can I quit smoking by running? Years ago, I quit while at the same time running almost everyday miles and miles. I tried 4 days without a cigarette to then fail on the 5th but partly I tried the nicotine patch, and got very sick and I think I had nicotine overdose. Not fun. Felt myself being extremely irritable and short tempered....more

loving someone in divorce

I am almost 2 years into a relationship that is the best thing that has ever happened to me on a very character personal level, feeling so comfortable with him that I feel a relaxed state of being that I have never known (not even with my family) and having a home and work with him that we work wonderfully. There are challenges but we have worked through most challenges. ...more
News update. Sex. condom breaks. Few days away from period. Took Plan B. Now waiting to see if ...more