The One with Beauty

Well, I was all geared up for a post about nail polish and bracelets, but then I read Amanda's blog and I thought, "well geez, Kait, have some substance." Because I do, and here I am....more

The One After a Week in Florida

This post could also be title "The One Where I Was About to Go On a Walk but Did Not Realize it Was Pouring Down Rain So I Decided to Blog Instead".  And also, which tiny words should I capitalize?   It's a little inconsistent around here, but that might just be an undercurrent in my life....more

The One After a Race

I did it!  I finished my very first race!...more

The One Before a Race

So this week! It's been only semi-productive and really unexciting. It turns out that applying for jobs is boring, and I mean, how many times can I rephrase a cover letter? I'm remembering to choose things that make me happy - like running and baking from scratch (and running because of all the baking from scratch). I also remembered how much I love salmon cakes. We took a break, me and salmon cakes, because I had them too often for a while, and that's no fun. But I'm ready to commit again. And I'm running my very first race this Saturday! What?...more

The One with Diamonds

  I've always loved sapphires, but I really do think diamonds are a girl's best friend. When Joe first gave me my engagement ring, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I was a serious hazard while driving. It's sparkly and beautiful and so special because it was his grandmother's....more

The One in Boston

Boston is officially on my top five list of American cities.  It's darn adorable.  We sort of fell in love, Boston and me....more

The One at The End

I just finished up my last graduate course at UVa.  I have totally mixed emotions about it all, but I mostly feel relieved.  Our time in Charlottesville is quickly approaching its end, and I feel good about that.  Don't get me wrong, I love Charlottesville and it's a really darling place.  But I don't think I've been very good at being here.  What I really mean is that I love new places and people and things, I thrive off of the opportunity to do or see something new and exciting....more

The One with Sarah and Chad

You've been secretly waiting for this moment since I started this blog - when I will finally release my ultra-top secret recipe - the one for The Most Perfect Day in Charlottesville.  Not to worry, dear ones.  I've added my finishing touches and executed it flawlessly last Saturday, with Sarah and Chad as witnesses.  They approved, and so do I.The Most Perfect Day in Charlottesville is as follows:...more

The One(Hundredth)

Quick sidebar - if you google/search-engine "one hundredth" (you know, to make sure you've spelled it correctly), the wikipedia result is the FRIENDS episode in which Phoebe has the triplets.  Day made....more

The One in April

The weather today. Gosh, it's a thing of beauty. We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping it stays for a good long while. You're probably thinking, it's April, you should just assume spring-like weather. You'd be wrong. It snowed one evening last week, and I had to bundle every morning. For a mild winter, March sure was a lion. Here's to hoping that there are no sinus infections or snowstorms this month. Easter weekend was positively lovely. My mom, Johnny, and John came to stay, and we showed baby John the best of Charlottesville....more