I promised I wouldn’t talk about horking

But I lied. I can’t help it. Horking follows me everywhere in Beijing. ...more

ICC warrants + Sudan's president = toxic cocktail

A protest against the ICC and in support of Sudan's president in Khartoum, March 4, 2009. Photo/REUTERS ...more

Good news out of Darfur

You may still be grappling at the title of my post but read on. One of the most active rebel groups fighting in Darfur and the government in Khartoum have agreed to sign a so-called "declaration of good intentions" which could further lead to a possible peace deal in the region. What does it mean? ...more

Should the Ugandan baby born over Canadian airspace have a right to Canadian citizenship?

  I was lurking around trying to find more information about the case of the Ugandan woman, flying from Amsterdam to Boston, who gave birth on the plane on New Year's Eve in Canadian Airspace. ...more

All good points. I was surprised hows quickly American officials stated the baby would be ...more

How do you negotiate with a mad man? The Lord's Resistance Army is accused of killing hundreds during Christmas celebrations

  AFP/Getty Images - Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, in 2006. "Noooooo....," ...more

A friend of mine from Cameroon came up with a perfect solution for dealing with these mad ...more

My most memorable moments from 2008 -- From famine in Africa to watching my brother win a medal at the Olympics

It has been a fantastic year. Four continents, multiple countries, many stories, both tears and laughter and everything in between. I'll just touch upon a few of my most memorable moments from the year, the bulk of which I spent in East Africa and traveling around the region. Near Ruhengeri, Rwanda ...more

Balancing the good news out of Africa versus the bad - a foreign reporter's perspective

  Lake Victoria "Oh you mzungu's," (mzungu basically means white person in Swahili) a skeptical Kenyan journalist said to me. "You just tell bad stories about us here. There is never any good news." ...more

I read this post about a week ago on your blog - it's interesting to think about the balance ...more