Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is so great for you. I was introduced to in once I started a more clean way of eating to help heal my body. Once everything came out clear from my MRI and blood work we are now figuring out that gluten, unnatural sugars are causing me pain and migraines. Silly huh?! Therefore now my Husband and I are working on a healthier natural way of eating.  ...more

After School Snack Ideas

I don't know about you but once Monday through Friday hits I know I have to be prepared for those "after school snacks." My sweet little girls turn into hungry little tigers once school is let out. Coming up with different and fun snacks daily can get repetitive at times. Do you often catch yourself preparing the same snacks at times?To keep things from getting repetitive and boring here is a fun after school snack that you can add with just about anything. Or even literally dip with just about anything. You may even just want a little taste on a spoon....seriously....more

Chic And Simple Hair Cut

Over the weekend my hair went through a small...okay maybe a medium transformation.  My hair was at shoulder length to start with. It was starting to become unfashionable. I was stuck in a Mommy rut with my hair. I found myself starting to throw it in the Mommy pony or doing the flat strait hair. So I decided it was time for a trim...some Mommy pampering.  ...more

The Power Of Prayer

Let me start off by saying I am a true believe in the power of prayer. ...more

Green Juice For Colds & Energy (recipe)

The past couple days I haven't been feeling well. I believe being busy and stressed this past week took a toll on my immune system. I woke up yesterday morning with a sinus headache, little head cold and very tired. Obviously the best medicine is, rest. But lets be serious, us moms have no time for resting when we're sick....more

Our Over-Night Escape

Maybe escape sounds to harsh, because I would never want to escape from my kids in all reality. Once we started having children I turned into one of those moms who never wants to leave her babies. Seriously; we haven't even had our honey moon yet because I couldn't face the fact of leaving our daughter more than one night. Then we had only one daughter compared to three now....more

Bless Your Heart: A Defeated Mom in the Shoe Aisle

Bless your heart. Thats what a lady told me today in Target while my youngest was on the ground screaming on top of her lungs. She too was a mom of younger kids probably around 6 years of age. ...more
@nikonMom Thank you so much! Well put!more