What Living Away From America Taught Me About America

 Paris, France So the...more

What Kind of Sports Fan Are You?

It's time to find out what kind of sports fan you are! And we are using 2014 World Cup fan reactions to do it! The Crier ...more

A Complete Shoe Collection With Only 8 Pairs

Hello, Kaliwood lovelies. Your resident shoe fanatic here. Did I tell you that I recently cleaned out my closet and donated more than 25 pairs of shoes?? Shocking, I know. I needed to make room for new shoes and reduce some clutter. But going through my entire shoe collection, I sort of had an epiphany....more
I think this is a really helpful way to categorize shoe basics! Of course, you may need to add ...more

10 Things I Will Never Understand

1. Dog food commercials ...more

Spring Nails That Don't Make Me Cringe

If you know me, you know I hate color. OK, hate is a strong word but I seriously struggle with incorporating color into my wardrobe, my home, and my nails. I'm just a neutral girl. I'm happiest in my black, tans, white, cream, gray world.  All that is fine and dandy in the fall and winter. I can rock the really deep purples/navys/grey or even black polish and it's all OK....more

Bit By The Wedding Mosquito


Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

There are many things in life that we are suppose to do. Many of these we are suppose to do daily. Some for hygiene, some for mental or physical health... But if we were all being honest, we rarely do these things. Because... ...more

Spring Makeover: Living Room Decor

We use our former TV stand under this half wall in our living room. It's great because we need something to hold our wireless printer/scanner. But before we were kind of framing the printer and I didn't want that to be the center of attention.Also, we used all of our red/orange accents from our last home and I was just tired of them. Tim and I also discovered that neither of us really even like red in decor. Sooo yea. Clearly we were totally lost before!So I decided to redo the table and give it a fresh Spring makeover! ...more
This came out really nice!more

Tim & The Turtle

Last year we were in West Virginia over a weekend. I can't remember if it was a holiday, wedding, or some other visit. Tim is from WV so we often take weekend trips back to his home town. But the reason we were there isn't the point of this story. The other day I saw a turtle and it made me remember a moment from that weekend that I wanted to share. Tim and I were in the truck driving around his small town. I think we were headed to his grandparents house as we stop by and visit pretty much every day we are there. ...more

I See Myself as Skinny When I'm Not

So this is going to sound strange, but just bear with me. I think I have reverse body image issues. I'm one of the billions of women who "used to be skinny." But in the past couple of years, I've noticed that I look at my body in a different way than most of the other "used to be skinny" women. Let me explain. ...more
writingislove  So well put! You are exactly right! Our view changes depending on who we are ...more