Kids Online: Balancing Saftey and Fun, CONFERENCE Oct 12 in SF.

UPDATE: Prices are reduced 2/$50 and 1/$35 and you can register on site. Also Kate Kotler has this great article on BitchBuzz about the issues and the conference Are you a parent concerned about your kids being online? This event is for you! It is an opportunity to meet with fellow parents & community managers and others who create safe spaces for kids online to dialogue about critical issues. Kids Online: Balancing Safety and Fun October 12th (Columbus Day) 10am-5pmSan Francisco at the West Bay Conference Center in the Filmore This conference will bring together online community managers, website platforms, web designers, along with parents and kids to discuss the full range of issues about kids being online. ...more

Thinking of topics for the unconference Sunday

Since arriving at BlogHer this morning overnight from O'Reilly's Open Source Convention I have been listening to sessions and making 'comments' occasionally on what panelists say wishing it was all more interactive. So if you are like me...dreaming about what "could be" at BlogHer - a topic that hasn't been discussed, a question that hasn't been answered, something you are dying to share with others - whatever it is it can be real on Sunday during the Open Space (unconfence). Go to the Wiki and post your topic ideas and wished for sessions (find the login button in the top corner and then enter the the password for the wiki is: women). ...more

The BlogHer Open Space Sunday

I am looking forward to facilitating the Open Space on Sunday July 29th at Chicago City Centre Hotel. For those of you new to Open Space or unconferences I wanted to let you know what to expect. In many ways this is like any other conference - there will be very talented people with a lot to offer. The main difference is that the agenda is created live the day the event happens. If you have a desire to speak, present lead a discussion - this is your chance - everyone can. You can post proposed topics on this wiki page. Here is how it will work (click on the see more to get the whole picture). ...more

Thanks so much for doing this. I've been to a PodCamp and am eager to see how this process ...more