Nine Years Old is Halfway to College

Dear Sydney-feffer,...more

The Dark Side of Breastfeeding

I just had my third baby....more

Whitney Told Me the Children are our Future

I’ve been working in urban public school systems for 14 years. ...more

Working Mom Mornings

Yesterday, I had an amazing morning with my kids today. ...more

Stop looking at

Stop looking at me like that. ...more

He Can’t Possibly Be Six.

Liji Bear,...more

I’ve got this working mom shit down

I’ve been terrible about posting lately. ...more


Dear Sydney, Two weeks ago, you turned eight. It’s taken me about that long to accept that the big boy who’s standing in front of me, is the baby who, on January 21, 2006, had no plan to leave my body of his own volition. You tell me all kinds of things and I feel lucky everyday because of it ....more

Just Another Manic Monday. But on Tuesday.

You know those mornings when you’ve totally got your shit together? ...more

I am so…

How would you complete the sentence? ...more