liam at eight months

He: >Has one tiny little bottom tooth poking through. You can’t really see it but rub your finger over his gum and you’ll get poked. :) >Chews everything in sight ....more

project life 2014 : weeks 35 – 36

Kind of a funny story about this spread. I thought it would be fun to make a video of me putting the entire thing together from start to finish. Problem: my only camera is my iPhone ....more

art journal / 2 (and possibly the last)

I did this simple art journal page awhile ago when I was doing my Bible study on James. At the time I intended to make a page whenever something struck a chord with me in my study. Well, I couldn’t keep up ....more

dutch apple bread (and a baking challenge)

As I was reading through my More-With-Less cookbook I was overwhelmed with the urge to do some baking. One day I’d love to master baking yeasted bread from scratch, but I’m not quite ready to tackle that yet. For now, I was very inspired by the quick bread section of this particular cookbook ....more

app review : kids academy

Hey, this is a sponsored post – I am being paid to provide a review of these three (free) kids’ apps, but I promise to always give you my honest opinion!...more

link roundup / 13

Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the Internet. Not as many links today because I’ve been buried in continuing education classes for work, but these are definitely worth checking out! Enjoy! ...more



30 days of lists : days 1 – 10

This month I’m participating in 30 days of lists, a fun journaling idea that challenges you to make one list each day. I’ve been sharing mine...more

ultimate healthy living bundle

Have y’all heard of the Ultimate Bundles? They are a hugely discounted bundle of resources – ebooks, ecourses, and bonuses like free product – that are only on sale once a year for a few days. Currently there are three...more

easy meal planning

My adventure with cooking, meal planning, eating healthy, and providing for my family has been one of the more difficult aspects of adulthood for me. There is still so much that I have to learn, but one area that I have become pretty comfortable with lately is meal planning. Today I’m sharing the easy, low-stress way I approach it ....more