why beadboard on the ceiling is nothing at all like dancing on the ceiling

Can we all just say … FINALLY! As DIYers, we’re pretty well versed in the universal truth that “everything takes longer than you think it’s going to”. ...more

our new keyless entry and why I love it so

Five reasons you, too, will love a keyless entry at your house. 5 – This accessory instantly makes you feel cool. ...more

front door colors and using Key West front doors for inspiration

The cat’s out of the bag. ...more

installing glass door panels and proof that we are crazy dog people

This is a sponsored post but everything in it comes directly from me. We’re ticking away at Operation Curb Appeal and bam. Last you saw that door had a lot of...more

to paint or to stain the front entry threshold, the final answer

It was either when Joel was replacing the wood floor in our vestibule or when I was staining the floors in the living / dining room that I posed the question “should we paint or stain our front door threshold”? The threshold is new pressure treated 2 by something that we installed when we updated all of our new exterior trim. ...more

that day I didn’t know how to use a paint sprayer {and the next day when I did}

Let’s just start right out with this since it makes me laugh out loud. Let’s just say that my first afternoon attempt at using a paint sprayer didn’t go as planned. It was actually kind of another one of those “what I learned about my husband while trying to learn how to use a paint sprayer” days ....more

painting the sidewalk and other, more productive, front porch progress things

Alternate titles in consideration for this post were “that day I was thankful the neighbors weren’t around”, “I guess painting isn’t like riding a bike” and “dude, ladders are hard”. All I can say is that I really was happy no one saw me fall off my ladder on our front porch the other day. ...more

the secret to perfectly baked kale chips

So, something funny happened to me when I was in Chicago. I got on the treadmill. ...more

foto friday 23 {Chicago in February}

Well, it has been a while. ...more