Bring a Pop Into Your Kitchen With Prizer

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A Billowing Backdrop Revisited

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A Touch of Tribal

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Jaxon’s Baseball Room Reveal

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Swooning Over Marbled Wallpaper

Absolutely swooning over these marbled wallpapers created by Calico Papers. ...more

DIY Studded Stool

Happy Tuesday Y’all! Today I am showing a quick DIY that anyone can take on and finish in a less than an hour. Every room needs that wow factor, but paying attention to details can take a room to the next level ....more

The Story Behind Our Kitchen Floor

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Introducing Our New Kitchen Floor

Here’s a quick video introducing you to our brand new kitchen floor! ...more

Old School Scoreboard Video

A video from our OLD SCHOOL SCOREBOARD project! A post with pics and more details coming soon! ...more

A DIY Starry Night Ceiling

Kids’ rooms are some of my favorites to take on because of the freedom to embrace whimsy and really make a space feel magical. ...more