Amazon Top 100 Memoir Enemy Within By Karen Ager

What Brings About Change in People?Excerpt from Enemy Within by Karen Ager "Despite all my efforts, deep down I felt I was changing. My disease was not only influencing my body but also my spirit. The pain was starting to impact every dimension of my life. Until now it had been easy to ignore; it had been easy to deny. I had kicked it under the bed with all my half-read books. I thought I’d get back to it and deal with it later. But it got back to me first. Rheumatoid arthritis was truly forcing itself into my life. No longer could I convince myself that the disease didn’t exist. How much longer could I pretend that I was healthy like my friends? I started to feel the burden of my secret....more

Ashleigh/The Golden Rule/Acts of Kindness

The tragedy in Arizona is another sad wake up call for our society. It is a reminder to love one another and to treat others with respect. I've been thinking about The Golden Rule today and random acts of kindness. Let's start the chatter on Blogher because something has to change. The world can not go on hating. Let's all do one act of kindness for someone today....let's pay it forward, then blog about it. I've also thought a lot about what it will take for these victims to recover both physically and emotionally....more

Thanks for the 'sparkle' girls. The good thing about doing acts of kindness for each other is ...more

Lessons of Love, Hope, Happiness - Memoir - Enemy Within by Karen Ager earns 5 Star Reviews

Enemy Within - A memoir of strength, determination and acceptance by Karen Ager. "As inspirational stories go, this is up there with the best." Martin Stevenson Launceston Examiner - November 13, 2010 For more 5 star reviews copy and paste Enemy Within receives Blue Ribbon Award for a great read. If you are looking for a holiday read this will inspire and motivate you to...more

Book Release - Enemy Within by Karen Ager

Hi,Pre order my book, Enemy Within, on Amazon. It's all about resilience, strength, hope and relationships.Apart from the increase in copay from $20 to $50 I am good. Has this happened to anyone else? When you have a few monthly prescriptions to fill this soon adds up. :)...more

The Writing Process

Are there any Bloghers out there who have written a book? I am trying to get across the line with the final edits. The process while fabulous has been a somewhat lonely one and I can't wait to get back into the moment with the ones I love the most. My memoir titled Enemy Within will be out in May and is a story that tells of love lost and found, hope, happiness and acceptance. Thanks to my sister in law Charlotte who was a calming influence on me recently....more

Angel on my Shoulder

Angel on my Shoulder by Natalie Cole is the song that my sister in law and brother cried to at the lighting of the Xmas tree at the Rockefeller Center when she had finished chemo. Now the song is about hope to me. I have teamed up with Jeffrey Gottfurcht to help him make dreams of kids with RA come true. He found me on twitter and we are both working to public raise awareness. I feel like I have an angel on my shoulder these days who is also making my dreams come true despite my daily battles with this pain. ...more

Loving with Arthritis

What I know For Sure: Loving with arthritis is not possible until you unburden yourself of the secret. Telling your friends and work mates eases the pain outside and in. Today I'm feeling lots of love from Down Under....more

Impact of Arthritis on Intimate Relationships

Impact of RA on Intimate Relationships ...more