Yesterday was my son's 40th birthday.  It hurt not being able to send him anything.  I have the address but aren't using it.  Sooner or later he's going to grow into his age and realize how unfair he is being. The only one trying to make him choose wife over mother is the wife.  I'm fine with second place, she wants me in a non existent place.  I hope her own son marries someone just like her so she can see how childish and unfair to everyone it is.   I hope Kathy is getting the help she needs from a psychologist....more

Football is a waste of time and money

There's a thing on the internet that a mother was strangling her daughter because the Packers were losing.  Her husband said she also threw dinner on the floor and attacked him.  She was strangling her daughter and stopped then started again a little bit later and almost killed her.  She up on changes but what is it about this stupid game that drives people crazy!  People make fun of sci-fi fans but nobody there is trying to kill each other. God, people, get a grip, it's a stupid game that overpaid brutes play running into and over each other. ...more


It's getting close to Dan's birthday.  I hate not buying him anything.  I just need him to realize he's being manipulated.  I hate that but I can't make that choice for him.  All I can do is be here for him when he finally realizes he deserves to be treated with respect and love.  All he ever has to do is let me know he needs something and I'll be there for him.  I will spend his birthday under medication because I won't get through it otherwise. No matter what I love my son unconditionally....more


Today is Thanksgivingt.  I hope Danny is having a good day.  All I can do is think about him.  The fact that he doesn't want me in his life is beyond reason.    I know how Darryl must have felt.  His decision wasn't spur of the moment, he thought it through....more

I'm trying to understand and help rather then continue on this selve serving diatribe

I spend a lot of time worrying about my son.  I hate seeing him being taken advantage of and not standing up for himself.  Marriage is a 50/50 contract.  His seems to be 95/5 in Kathy's favor.  I don't think she's all bad.  I do lose patience with her always taking and never giving but I also know your background can change how you see things.   I hope you'll understand and try to get the intended message.  I'm available if you ever want to talk.  Don't take kindness for weakness.  When push comes to shove I don't care if you're h...more

Tired of this hostile association

Kathy I am no longer going to exchange barbs with you.  I've know you eleven years and have never had an actual conversation with you.  I realize you were abused as a child.  I was too and one doesn't discount the pain of the other.  I'm glad you're doing the Oprah thing, I hope it helps.  You didn't like when I tried to tell you how I got on disability and went to school too.  There was nothing hostile in that communication yet you could only respond with hostility.  I know you hurt from your childhood.  I understand that makes you defensive ...more

Things I think about

I sometimes have to wonder if being older means you don't count anymore.  I consider myself a nice person.  I try to be good to others.  I really don't understand my daughter-in-law though.  She spends so much time spewing venum that she never stops to realize I'm not her enemy.    From what I understand she has an abusive childhood, lot of that going around.  Being abused yourself doesn't mean no one else has it in their background.  Surprisingly I share a lot of the same thoughts as she does and could be a good sounding board. <...more