The Invisible Man

After his fall, my husband was hospitalized with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a very high blood-alcohol level.  Given those two factors, complicated by the immaciated body and unshaven, unclean person that emergency room workers were presented with, it was clear he was being labeled  a deralict.  Not on paper; not out load; but in the minds - and behavior - of the staff charged with his care....more

It only hurts when he laughs.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  Coming back to an estranged husband after his accident, only to find "my" home in a state of complete and utter filth;  blood-soaked pillows and urine-soaked linens stuffed in garbage bags in the garage; trash piled on countertops and cigarette butts in every toilet.  All this, thanks to the woman who claimed to care so much for him after I left.  You see, he fell one night taking out the trash and hit his head.  She left him lying, bleeding, in a bed for three full days before calling an ambulance.  ...more
This blog will be dedicated to supporting anyone who finds themselves in the role of caregiver. ...more