Normally I'm pretty calm about traveling away from my family but something is nagging me this time. I bought travel insurance yesterday in preparation for driving to BlogHer (Thanks Chevy!) and obviously I hope I don't have to use it for anything. Last night Daren said something he has never said before: be safe and be careful and don't be wandering around Chicago - that's not a place you want to get lost in. ...more

Easy Rider

If you're attending BlogHer, you're well aware of all the things available to go to.  It's CRAZY.  I've been to BlogHer twice before this and this is by far the most overwhelming one yet. It's such a huge difference from my first one in 2006 where we smoked cigarettes and talked late into the night in a small group. ...more

Saturn and OnStar Saved The Day!

When Sam, Double Agent Girl and I stopped at a rest stop on the I-90 on the way to BlogHer Boston, the only thing on our minds was feeding baby Hudson, and making sure we got to BlogHer safely. We had seen an ambulance at the side of the highway a few minutes before we pulled over, but no real evidence of a car accident, and Sam intuitively said, "Maybe it was a heart attack." Unfortunately Sam was right.  ...more

My Darling,

I cannot tell you how much fun I had travelling with you and Sam this ...more

BlogHer Boston: Breastfeeding Optional

I can't tell you how freaking excited I am to be driving a Saturn Vue Hybrid to BlogHer Boston! Joining me are Amanda from Between the Crosshairs, Sam from Temporarily Me, and Sam's baby, Hudson. ...more

so what time is dinner?
cute video and even cuter kids. i have to agree the dog was ...more

How 2 Blog: Saving Your Blogger Template Before Switching to The New Blogger

A client emailed me today, informing me that Blogger was forcing the upgrade to the New Blogger. I couldn't find evidence of it, but I will tell you that the most important thing before you do make the (inevitable) switch is to save your Blogger template. Here are the steps to do just that. ...more

I prefer to hire someone to build a custom template for me.
Anyway the switch was smooth for ...more

How 2 Blog: How to Install and Use the “Read More” Option in Blogger

Judy of Art Dolls wanted to know: So how do you do the read more option in Blogger? You can see what Judy is talking about at Crib Ceiling. Having the "read more" option is a built-in feature with Wordpress (as long as you are using the rich-text editor or know how to code it), but with Blogger, it's a bit of a work-around that needs to be added to your template. ...more

How2Blog: Adding Code to Sidebars

Please note that the large screenshots required to illustrate the points in this post, are all hosted at How2Blog, so feel free to read the entire article there if you need the visual aids. First off, thank you to everyone that wrote in to How2Blog with their questions. An even bigger thank you to Mir at Want Not (and of Woulda Coulda Shoulda Fame) for spreading the word. Many of the questions came in from that helpful site. Thanks, pretty lady! ...more

How 2 Blog: Got Questions?

Do you ever wonder how Krisco at Crib Ceiling created the "read more" option midway through her posts? Do you ever wonder how Belinda at Ninjapoodles got categories, even though she is on Blogger? ...more

Where do I start? I have a blog but now what?


Best in (Sex) Show: Submit Only if You Support Rape and Abuse

The Kinsey Institute has a call for artists, 18 and older, to submit to it's second annual juried erotic art show, which will take place April 13th - July 20th, 2007. After previewing the pamphlet (PDF), I have to say the Kinsey Institute continues to rape people in the late Alfred Kinsey's name. Submissions cost each artist $25 ($30 for two entries, $40 for three entries) plus pre-paid shipping. The one and only prize, besides being recognized by an Institute who's founder allegedly sexually tortured up to 2035 children, including some as young as 2 months of age, is $200, and the award of "Best in Show." ...more

Check out the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. We charge a nominal $15 for up to three works ...more

I Need a Wife

Kyran of Notes to Self wrote me recently to make me aware of a post she wrote regarding the challenges of raising children while tending to her writing and poetry. Her creative time is prepared carefully with snacks, a captivating television show and while taking a picture of her kids and finding her oldest uncooperative, threats of: "Do it," I said, darkly, "or no more television for the rest of your life." ...more

Art takes space and time, two luxuries most mothers have precious little of.
I tried explaining ...more