How To Create A Dazzling Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry - By Karen Norris

As we grow older, the subtle changes to the structures of our faces begin gradually and then pick up speed after about 40.  Our chins move back, our jaws recede and our cheeks hollow out and wrinkles appear.  Depressed yet?  Not a chance! There is a new world of cosmetic dentistry out there ready to help us!...more
I had no idea that so many things could be fixed in someone's smile! I have disliked my teeth ...more

Harvesting Beauty & Health With Stem Cells By Karen Norris

As they say, there comes a time when every physician becomes a patient. A family friend and world renowned surgeon found himself on the gurney after recently suffering a heart attack (patient confidentiality prevents us from revealing more details). Though fully recovered, the medical incident left substantial scar tissue around his heart.   He remembered reading about a company called ProGenaCell, a clinic located in Stuttgart Germany that has made significant advancements and achieved great success with stem cell therapy....more

At What Age Should You Consider Cosmetic Surgery? By Karen Norris

Gosh! I'm going to need an over fifty account and start saving! I think it might be easier on my ...more

Mastering The Pauses: Male & Female Menopause Arrive Earlier Than You Think - By Karen Norris

Male and female menopause are the ultimate age accelerators that you can stop dead in their tracks...right now.  The days of women going into a rapid freefall of aging and deterioration beginning at thirty-five are over. At least they can be… if you’re a flexible thinker.  We are here to let you know that a new age is here....more
wonderful article, very informative and very honest! i've just learned today that only 10mg of ...more

Growing Younger In The 21st Century: The Art & Science of Becoming Ageless - By Karen Norris

How would you change the way you live your life if you knew you could live well past 100 in excellent health? Imagine “middle age” being 65 or 70.  Several top physicians specializing in anti-aging, metabolic and regenerative medicine report that the human body was actually designed to live for 120 years.  Seriously.  There is now tangible, empirical proof that you can live a healthy, vibrant life much longer than you ever thought possible....more