What I Thought I'd be Like as a Parent

I started out the way every other parents-to-be does. I was certain that I had some important beliefs on parenting my kids that I would never budge on. No gun games. No TV. No yelling. Letting my kids be very unique and quirky. No spanking. Teaching critical thinking. Allowing and encouraging divergent thinking. Organic only. Teaching the kids to do chores early. Reasonable and attached parenting......more

What are Homeschooled Kids Like?

What are homeschooled kids like?I've heard EVERY ONE of the stereotypes. Every stereotype that people feel comfortable hanging on a homeschool kid, though most of those labels can, in all fairness, be hung on any kid on the planet, and often are....more

Homeschooling on the Cheap

A woman recently visited my blog (Hello Lou Lou!) and talked about how she feels she could join the homeschoolers if homeschooling was more affordable.  It got me to thinking about how to make homeschooling cheaper.  Of course, if a household needs both incomes, that takes precedent and changes everything.  Although I know I would rather suffer with a single income, if possible, to keep my kids at home.  However, I also know I am very fortunate to be married to a wonderful man who is able to support our home financially on his own....more

I Know A Homeschooling Mom...

I’ve been meeting many new people while here in Australia, and I have discovered (call that rediscovered) a singular homeschooling fact:  Homeschooling Mothers are AMAZING!Homeschool mothers have an astonishing ability to make things happen. ...more

SAQ - SELDOM Asked Questions about Homeschooling

S.A.Q.I have seen dozens of FAQ pages for homeschoolinghere on the WWW.But none of the FAQ sites appeal to me, so I decided, HEY, I like my Seldom Asked Questions Better!Welcome to this page for newbie homeschoolers. Most of your seldom asked questions will be here.If you don't see the answer to your question here,please feel free to contact the management....more