Non-Sweetened Metamucil with Grapefruit and Orange Juice

With my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure higher last month, I needed to try to salvage things before my doctor(s) advise statins and/or blood pressure medication. Step one: a lo-co lifestyle exercise and diet review (and correction): Exercise. I’d let my exercise habit lapse in the past six months, so have recently re-started...more

Honey Dijon Arctic Char

Last week, I got some bad news which I’m hoping I can turn into good news. The bad news: my cholesterol has hit a personal high of 267 but more concerning, my triglycerides skyrocketed to 253 (‘goal’ is lower than 150 … and...more

New Study Suggests Statins For Those at Low Risk

A new study published in March 2016 by McGill University’s...more

Tangy, Healthy, Homemade Yogurt

Two things happened mid-February that messed with my decade-long half-bagel with smidge of cream cheese and slice of lox breakfast habit. My...more

Order Your Own Cholesterol Test

When my cardiologist and I had a small miscommunication about the tests he was ordering at the end of December (which mattered because I had hit my huge deductible so was trying to get all necessary medical expenses done in 2015!) I learned two things: You can save HUNDREDS of dollars on lab tests if you shop around – key...more

Hearty Mushroom-Spinach Soup

While I am not usually a fan of soup for dinner, my husband is, and this month I found two soup recipes that looked hearty enough to possibly satisfy. Plus they both had the alluring added bonus of...more

Why You Should Ask Your Doctor About HS-CRP

If you have high cholesterol but no other cardiac disease risks, ask your doctor about the High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (HS-CRP) test. The HS-CRP test is an important predictor of heart disease risk. Actually, as explained in...more

Creamer vs Creamer vs Creamer

Several years ago, lured by labels with lower levels of saturated...more

Peas For The Holidays

Looking for something green – and healthy – for your...more

Statins Reduce Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

If you take a cholesterol-lowering statin medication like Lipitor,...more