Making Progress

Two days more than 5 years ago I bid farewell to my large intestine after battling for six years with Ulcerative Colitis. My remarkable surgeon, Dr. Martin Luchtefeld, was able to create a J-Pouch for me that has been functioning just like a normal intestine for the last 5 years without a single complication. Pretty amazing. Next year I'll have been healthy (again) for as long as I was sick. ...more

Narrowing my Focus

The more I reacquaint myself with writing (be it blogging, content creation or working on some bigger projects), the  more I realize that I need to narrow the focus of my writing. I need to find something I'm passionate about and stick to it.I thought when I started blogging that being a newlywed would be the focus of my blogging (which was the only form of writing I was doing at that time). The first year of marriage wasn't as challenging as everyone warned me it'd be, though, so that didn't produce enough material. ...more

Why does every posting trigger the spam filter??

Gah! Every time I try to comment or write a post, it triggers the spam filter. On the last posting I tried to submit, no matter how many times I verify by typing in the letters required, it refused to post. Thoughts? Karen Siddiqi

Due to a hardcore attack on the site, by spammers, we've implemented a new spam filter which ...more

I'm the New Girl

Good evening! No, wait...Good morning! I'm the new kid here.  Hopefully one of some other new ladies to blogher who can learn the ropes with me. I've been blogging for over a year (see link below) and I'm tossing around the idea of narrowing the focus of my blog. I don't like being fenced in, though, so I suppose that remains to be seen. Do most bloggers here on Blogher write posts here and on their other-hosted blogs? ...more

Hey, thanks for welcoming me, Denise! Hey, if you like Indian food, click on the "My Recipes" ...more