Is Nothing Safe?

You know, I don't get many comments on this here blog anymore (thanks a lot, Facebook), but one thing hasn't changed: they are invariably positive, helpful even. Which is why it doesn't surprise me that AlisonH, upon reading that I had borrowed a neighbor's vacuum cleaner in order to clean up for our New Years party, felt compelled to share the following cautionary tale: I borrowed a vacuum cleaner exactly once. Used it in the master bedroom, set it still a few hours, came find carpet beetles crawling out from underneath its beater bar ....more

Resolution-Free Post

This is what my week felt like, only less cheerful looking. The last week of December turned into Hell Week, what with having to get the house ready for our annual neighborhood party on New Year's Day. I cleaned up all the junk that accumulated in the corners of our dining room and on the dining room hutch ....more

Star Wars For Dummies

So, that Christmas thing happened, and I spent the entire day feeling grateful that I had all 6 kids home for a bit, all under one roof, because I know that won't keep happening forever. We had some neighbors and their girls (Anna and David's age) over, so the "old people" ended up being relegated to the kids table - that way, all the young adults and the younger siblings could sit together.You know, no one ever warned me that would happen.To make things even better, it was a good present year: Larry didn't try giving me car-cleaning tools for Christmas, I had plenty of excellent ideas for his presents, and the kids were also relatively easy to shop for. I mean, helloooo, gift cards! ...more

As The Food Turns

3 days until Christmas, so what better time for a clean-out-the-fridge post? As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, cleaning out the fridge is no longer the guilt-ridden task it used to be. I have become a composting zealot, convinced that I am saving the world with the 7-gallon bucket full of food scraps that we generate each week.Saving the world, for only $25 a month ....more

Youth Is Wasted On The Wrong People

So, yeah, busy weekend, right? Parties, tree, baking, lego meetings...That's right - on the busiest Saturday of the year, I had to spend 6 hours at a lego user group (LUG) meeting. At least I got a lot of knitting done ....more

Not Dead Yet

Oh, hey, hi! Man, it's dusty around here. ...more


The only kind I make... I spent this past Sunday morning at the local yoga center. As I headed home at 1, my head was full of plans to make latkes for the first night of Chanukah that evening ....more

Lemonade Out Of (Moldy) Lemons

Perhaps some of the more long-term readers around here wonder whether or not I clean out my fridge anymore. After all, there haven't been any posts featuring long-expired leftovers in a long time. ...more

Girl Power

Quickly, because I am supposed to be in bed now...We had a fine, uneventful Thanksgiving, thank you. Of course, if Larry had had his way, it would have been more complicated. ...more

Gonna Cook Like It's 1999

Yesterday? I cooked. ...more