Reminder: Book Giveaway

I am a tad under the weather right now and not up to posting, but I just wanted to remind people that yesterday's post has a book giveaway in it. Please comment there if you are interested!My schedule for the week is busy: along with sulking over not experiencing a blizzard of historic proportions and looking enviously at all the photos from New York and Boston, I will also be throwing caution to the winds by taking a learn-to-ski lesson with the girls at a nearby resort. A friend talked me into it, maybe because she needs some comic relief ....more

A Tribute And A Giveaway

The Yarn Harlot just wrote a post announcing that it is her 11th blogiversary, and I swear I got all choked up by it. ...more

Anne Frank's Electrician

Today? Oh, I'm just still sitting around feeling relieved that I'm not in charge of feeding 100 homeless people tonight. ...more


So, that thing where Larry is using my dining room table as a workbench? ...more

Photographic Evidence

I promised. ...more

Wherein Larry Invents A New Lung Disease

I would LOVE to blog at you tonight, but Larry has resumed practicing his hobby of tearing out our walls, and this time the living room was his victim. ...more

Why This Isn't A Homeschooling Blog

So those of you who visit here may not have picked up on the fact that I homeschool the kids. ...more

Wherein Everything Easy is Difficult Again

Ice storm predicted for this morning, and of course nothing happened. ...more

Duct Tape - Not Always The Answer

School was canceled today. ...more

3 Inches

Larry and David left town early (EARLY) this morning to visit a college farther south, where - I would assume - they are safe from the cataclysmic 3 inches of snow that hit us this morning.3 inches - enough to create utter havoc across the entire metro area, commuting-wise. ...more