Executive Decisions

Our handyman stopped by Saturday morning, to touch up some paint and hang our plate-holding, decorative whatzit back on the kitchen wall. ...more

Ow. Ow. OW.

This packs a punch, I tell ya... Navhelowife recommended - after reading my whiny screed about canker sores the other day - that I send Larry to CVS to buy Peroxyl, a mouthwash that would supposedly help with this problem. ...more

Stoicism Was Never My Strong Suit

Whine, whine, whine - that's what I have been doing all day. ...more

Hail, Britannia!

Just the first coat so far... The kitchen pseudo remodel isn't done yet, but I do have to share that we actually managed to settle on a paint color and (BONUS) we actually like it. ...more

Vowels Are Important

David, as a high school senior, is taking his courses at the local community college this year. This is a fine arrangement for me (Yay! I don't have to make him do schoolwork) and also for him (ditto) ....more

Color Me Crazy

See that picture up there? It's the sort of thing that makes divorce lawyers rich. ...more

Paint And Taxes

Just finished our taxes, only I didn't really, because there is one more piece of information we have to dig up, and boy did Larry look happy when he heard that. ...more

Easter? Really?

Kitchen/front hallway destruction/construction continues apace. ...more

This, That, And The Other Thing

Too sleepy to write much more than a quick update tonight. ...more

More Photographic Evidence Of Spousal Insanity

Pictures of Larry's latest insulation project,...more