What It Takes To Make Me Wash Floors

Okay, done pouting here. ...more

Comparison Test

Well, I've been putting this off - to the extent that I spent my free time this afternoon collating all my posts about marriage under that tab up there at the top, instead of writing a new post. ...more

There's No Business Like Show Business

I went to my friend's annual Oscar party and came home a winner! That's right, folks - out of 24 award categories, I guessed 15 correctly. ...more

Back In The Saddle

For any newbies out there, let me explain: back in 2008, I started cleaning out my refrigerator and posting the contents on this blog for the sole purpose of making everyone else in the world feel better about their own housekeeping abilities. ...more

Like A Flu Shot, Only More Superstitious

There's been a 2-liter bottle of 7-UP sitting on my counter for almost 2 months now. Someone opened it at our New Year's party and drank a little, so it is rather flat by this time and not really appealing. ...more


I was busy working on my LTYM audition piece last week, so I wasn't around here much. I listened to the people who thought I should use the Playing With Scissors post, and I spent a bunch of time crafting a meaningful ending to it, because it seemed (from last year's show) that the LTYM people liked the posts to have some sort of meaning to them, rather than their just being funny. ...more

A Cry For Help

Okay, I need a little advice here. No, it's not about home decorating or purses this time. ...more

Bag Lady

There's something I have been hiding from you folks, but now is the time to come clean. ...more

Coming Events

I have so many things to talk about: my new purse, how awesome red couches look against a Lenox Tan wall, the difficulties inherent in choosing new patio doors - but they all require pictures, and I am not allowed to recharge my IPad until tonight.I was also surveying my refrigerator tonight and thinking that a fridge post is in order. ...more

Decorating Help Needed

Our handyman just left, but only after telling me to sand the stair railings in preparation for painting them. ...more