True Colors

14-year-old Brian woke us up at 7:10 this morning, which made me so cranky I snarled at everyone for an hour. ...more

Marriage. For Reals.

So, Larry and I had a cocktail party to go to on Saturday night. ...more

Flavored Lip Gloss Doesn't Cut It Anymore, I Guess

"Mommy, Alison got an IPhone for her birthday!" Susie informed me while we were out shopping."Alison? ...more

Impersonating A Gentile

I am inordinately proud of this So what does a Jew in an interfaith household do on the first night of Chanukah? ...more

Yarn, Paper, Wood

I am knitting thumbs tonight. ...more

Anyone Have A Spare Quill Pen?

Remember this post here? ...more

Jews Have More Pun

Did you wake up this morning thinking, "Gee, today seems nice, but a slew of Yiddishe puns would make it a whole lot better"? Well, look no further, folks - Simcha Fisher has you covered. ...more


Fun! Educational! Sort of...anyway, this is what I managed to waste time on today (seeing as how I don't have my IPad to keep me company): ...more

Forced Deprivation

Have I told you about my IPad? I've had it for a little over a year (it was my dad's, actually, and I inherited it when he died). Today I left my IPad at the art teacher's house and didn't realize it until I was all the way home ....more

Recapturing My Youth

I believe I am beginning to make a fine art out of wasting time. ...more