Any Excuse For Some Online Shopping

Remember this post? Where I theorized that the stinging, burning pain along my rib cage was caused by an allergic reaction to the metal in my bra? ...more

Wherein Things Go Downhill Pretty Darn Fast

Well, looks like the last time I was here, I was complaining life was kicking my butt. ...more

Toothpaste Chronicles

This week is kicking my butt - I'm sick, the girls' band camp concert is today, we actually have tickets to the taping of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" this evening, David gets his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, and we are supposed to head out on a short jaunt to a campground near the beach on Sunday.Whew - I need to lie down just from typing that.So I leave you with the handy reminder that the more things change, the more they remain the same. As long-time readers know, Larry - born with frugal New Englander blood in his veins - has a penchant for getting the most out of a toothpaste tube. ...more

Who Knew?

My ticket to modernity Okay, so a few months ago I got tired of mooching off everyone else's GPS and took the plunge. That's right - this tech dinosaur bought an inexpensive smartphone, hooked herself up with an inexpensive prepay plan, and thus launched herself into the 21st century. And she hasn't looked back.Look, the flip phone was becoming embarrassing ....more

Trend Setter

I ordered something from Amazon the other day, and David was around when it arrived and I unpacked the box."What are those?" he asked. I'm stylin'... "My new orange glasses," I said, putting them on ....more

Everything Is Awesome

I am spending my Saturday surrounded by grown men who wear Lego Movie T-shirts un-ironically. And you?These people take their interlocking-bricks habit very seriously, I must say. Someone just showed me photos of the Lego crown molding that he created and installed in his house ....more

Failure To Communicate

As you know, we have raspberries. ...more

Into The Woods

Raspberries, as you may know, are a super expensive fruit that we have never really had the budget to buy. ...more

Age Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

For reasons that I cannot quite keep track of, I am alone in the house this evening.ALONE. IN MY OWN HOUSE. $5000, people! ...more

A Week Full Of Rainbows

Having only 2 kids at home made this week feel like a vacation. It helped that it was only one girl and one boy - that way, I got 8 days off from Rachel sniping at Susie in her You are the stupidest person on earth voice. ...more