ViaCord: Future lifesaver for someone you love?

Fourteen years ago, I was a graduate student in neuroscience living in New York, and I was pregnant with my first child. As part of my education, I attended classes and special talks about a variety of scientific topics. Stem cells were seen as a possible research tool and a promising future way to assist treatment of a variety of conditions....more

the rotten apple. the poisoned tree.

if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. But... if we stay silent, then isn't that permission for them to walk all over us? ...more

Marsha Has a Different Area Code

I receive calls for "Marsha" from time to time. Marsha is a pharmaceutical rep one area code over from me. She drives a Mercedes and the calls that come in for her are from impatient people who think I'm very rude to dare have Marsha's telephone number but in a different area code ....more

Fishing for Friends

My independent high school had these cool cardboard tubes that served as our "mailboxes." This, of course, was before e-mail. In elementary school it was rare that someone would leave a note on our desks, and in middle school the only writing that happened in my locker was when someone broke in to deface it. ("Pig Dahlen stuffs her bra!") So, having a little cardboard tube mailbox at my new school seemed pretty cool ....more

Gratitude. Times a Million.

I was in the middle of filing a claim for medical reimbursement when the phone rang. My youngest son had been so proud of his nice white shirt, tie, and black pants for his first ever violin concert today. But, he tripped in a puddle and splattered his shirt ....more

My Grandmother's Prayers

My grandma had pretty powerful prayers. That's not to say that others' words aren't heard, but there was just something about having my grandma on your side. When I struggle, I try to envision my grandmother caring, and, by extension, a lot of other people ....more

The Golden Rule

I try to think of what others have been through. I promise, I do. I give people second, and third, and tenth chances ....more

Avoiding the Accidental Spokesperson

I read Stranger Here by Jen Larsen a few days ago. It is about a gal who undergoes weight loss surgery. And of course, it is about the difference between shifting and permanent identity during and after transformation ....more

What Fine Young Kids

I had to restrain myself from writing, "She is a delightful young woman" on an interview form just now. I pictured myself: white hair and cane, and realized just how ageist I was being, Nonetheless, I chose a different, less cliched phrase, to describe a perspective college applicant who truly knocked my socks off. If you are one of my interviewees this year, I bet you think this post is about you ....more

Merry Christmas!

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