It ain't easy being queasy (6 week pregnancy update)

We've passed the six-week mark!   ...more

CSI 10 k: My first race as a preggy mama!

A foul weather forecast almost made me skip this race - so glad the weatherman was wrong!  It turned out to be a perfect day for running: Cool, but not cold; and cloudy, but not rainy.  Yay! ...more

Pregnancy Update: Week 5

[Note: I planned to post this on Sunday, but spent most of the day snuggling on the couch with a sick Baby Girl.  I decided to share it anyway, even if it is a few days late, because I want to keep record of this new journey right from the start.  Enjoy!] ...more

Go ta-ta!

Baby Girl is now at an age where she is really starting to understand and love the times we spend together running - love, love, love it!  As soon as I start getting out my running kit in the morning, she'll run to the stroller and say: "Go ta-ta, go ta-ta, go ta-ta!" (in Afrikaans, of course).  While I get dressed, I'll ask her to pick a toy to take with her on our run, which she then promptly fetches ...more

Running for three

Thank you so much for all the kind wishes on the announcement of our second pregnancy - we sincerely appreciate each one!  Will and I are both extremely excited, but also feel deeply humbled and so blessed.  Truly thankful.     ...more

Big, big news!


How to stick to your training while on a business trip

I had a whopper of a training week last week.  A grand total of two runs during my four-day business trip to Cape Town added up to a wildly impressive total mileage of 3.5 km for the week (most of which was up and down a flight of stairs, if that makes it sound any better)...  Needless to say that I feel a bit frustrated, especially with my planned half-marathon PR attempt coming up in just over a month ....more

My all time favourite race pic

The more races I run, the more I realize that for me the most memorable races are not the ones where I've PR'ed or gotten the biggest medals (although those are nice too!).  The most memorable races for me are the ones that I run with friends and family - the ones where we laugh and chat and jointly suffer our way to the finish line ....more

Torture Tool

I’m writing to you from beautiful Cape Town, with a stunning view of the full moon over the ocean right from my bed – so blessed!  I’m here on business for a few days, so while being here without Will and Baby Girl is sohard, I’m trying to rest (in between working!) and make the most of all the beauty surrounding me ....more

Race Report: Universitas NG Kerk 10 k

Yesterday was a public holiday (Human Rights Day) in South Africa, and to my delight one of the local churches in our area celebrated it by hosting a 10 kay race - yay! ...more