"Lean In" to Life

As seen in Townhall.com...more

Countering Campus Culture One Man at a Time

College students are departing for popular spring break destinations such as Cancun, Myrtle Beach and Panama City this time of year. These trips often bring out their worst behavior—from reckless alcohol consumption to destruction of property.  But those worried about the college culture can take heart that many undergrads still embrace and act according to more traditional values....more

Starting a Conversation on Feminism and Conservatism on Campus

Ten years ago, when a woman stepped on campus she found chapters of the National Organization for Women, Women's Studies departments and Women's Centers not open to supporting all women. That is partly why we founded the Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, to serve as an alternative to campus feminism and provide a home for conservative women on campus....more

Reexamining Women’s Success at the Workplace

Each day seems to feature yet another story about another woman weighing in on that always touchy subject:  How do women succeed at work without sacrificing too much of their personal lives?  And how do women define success anyway?Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer—she’s the one who caused the storm with her decision to end Yahoo’s policy allowing employees to work from home—touched on another third-rail in this debate, and that’s whether she even accepts the term “feminist.”...more