Facebook's Double Standard

Oh, the irony. Just as I’m ready to say that gender bias is dead on social networks like Twitter and Friendfeed, Facebook proves me wrong. Sadly, it is still alive and well there. First, Facebook bans breastfeeding photos, claiming they are obscene. Facebook’s official position is this: ...more

reflections of one another

This is part of a set that I took yesterday indoors in afternoon light, called "variations on a rose". The rose itself came from a bush at the end of our little row of townhomes, the former home of a friend. Her son used to play with Miss Dancer when they were in elementary school. They were best, best friends, the kind where it didn't matter that he was a boy and she was a girl, they just got along and couldn't wait till they could both play whatever the game of the day was. ...more

Open Letter to Sen. Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama, Since January of this year, I've been absolutely committed to getting you elected. I've donated to your campaign, I've canvassed for you, I've volunteered to work in the office around the corner, and I've even put my marriage into severe stress by refusing to sit idly by and once again allow my Republican spouse to cancel out my vote. But I need your help. And I need it now. I knew it was going to be a rough campaign. I even suspected that Sarah Palin would be the choice for their ticket after seeing her profiled earlier this year. Why didn't you? I also suspected that the Republicans would use every single weapon at their disposal, including the financial markets, race, war, and terrorism (their little deck of fear) to intimidate voters into electing them. But I believed you when you called upon us to be the New American Majority. This is what I wrote in February: ...more


I've seen Sarah Palins in my lifetime. They're the cheerleaders that ...more

Hybrid Tahoe Bottom Line: Go for it!

Overall, I loved the Tahoe. It was easy to drive, handled great (the turning radius was better than my ancient Honda, a much smaller but not better car).  It felt good to drive, and it's clearly been designed with women in mind. Lots of room for cups, kids, and even a DVD player and headset for the kids.  Well done. Things I loved ...more

I was worried about sciatic pain, since it had been bothering me in the days prior. I found the ...more

24 MPG There and Back: GM Deserves Big Props

If you know me and my style of blogging, you know I won't gloss over the flaws in a product, even if the company gives me a free sample or use of it before writing about it. ...more

As someone who needs a bigger vehicle for my two kids and dog this was great to read ...more

City Driving; Country Driving

Impressions of the drive: Smooth, fast, economic, and fun.  Great carpool buddies go a long way toward making a long drive easy, and it doesn't hurt to have a vehicle to drive that has just about everything anyone needs (except perhaps a coffeemaker) to ease the way on the road.  We took a wonderful tour of San Luis Obispo, ending in a  wonderful lunch before tacking the most boring part of the drive through Central Callifornia. All very, very good. ...more

BlogHerCon or Bust!

The lovely white Chevy Tahoe was delivered this morning with characteristic bells and whistles for our house, which is to say it was a low-key affair. The nice GM folks called when they arrived, had me sign on the dotted line and handed me the keys. All car transactions should be this painless. ...more

If that dude buys a car, you so need to get a finder's fee.  See you later today roomie, I'm ...more

The Great BlogHer '08 Road Trip

I signed up for BlogHer '08 on the first day we could. Having missed last year's, I was determined to make this year a priority, despite squeezed finances and an insane schedule, especially in July.  The one thing I did not plan for was how to get from here to there.  This is partly because I was half-counting on cheap plane fares (remember, it was when gas was still well under $3/gallon), and/or renting a car and driving what I consider to be one of my favorite drives -- the 101 all the way up to Northern California. ...more

I'm usually able to exceed the EPA mpg for the Prius by about 8-10 mpg just by driving it ...more

Lead, Senator Clinton

As much as I don't want to keep talking about Senator Clinton, I feel compelled to say something about the video I've embedded below. There are so many things that Harriet Christian said that came straight out of the Clinton campaign that are just plain wrong...I don't even know where to begin. ...more

Joining the parade

Hi everyone, I'm DrumsNWhistles -- a 40-plus mom of three -- The Eldest, who turns 25 this week, Sticks the drummer (16), and Dancergirl (almost 12). My blog is called "odd time signatures" and was started as a way to put together my thoughts about ADHD in adults and children since Sticks and I share that particular distinction. ...more

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the visit and the nice words. :) Taking pictures is my timeout -- and ...more