There are some pictures floating around the web of a seal pup who has been shunned from his group.  His immoral act that caused this rejection?  His fur is the wrong color.  He's a redhead.  As a fellow redhead, my heart broke for this little pup. ...more

The dress

I got my wedding dress on Friday.  Wow.  Wait a minute.  I need to go back and read that first sentence again because I can't believe I just typed that. ...more

Friday Weigh-In

OK, so there might be something to this Weight Watchers thing after all.  Last week, I had a pretty decent weight loss, and because it was my first week on Weight Watchers, and because I had been battling a stomach virus that week as well, I pooh-poohed the results. ...more

4 years

Tomorrow, Maggie will be 4 years old.  I guess my little puppy isn't so much a puppy anymore as she is a young adult. Much like a parent thinks his/her child is the smartest, cutest, funniest, best and brightest child ever born, I think Maggie was one of the cutest puppies ever.  Of course, all puppies are pretty darn cute, so I know she has stiff competition.  ...more

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, I've been thinking about you a lot these past few weeks.  I wish I could say I was reliving happy memories, but it is more missing you than anything else. I think all the wedding planning has me missing you more than ever at the moment.  I feel sorry for us and all the memories we are not going to get to make.  You won't get to walk me down the aisle, and we won't get to have that father/daughter dance. ...more